About Me...

Senior Technology Consultant

Information Technology Services

Currently working with ITS as a Technology Consultant for the University Libraries and previously with Student Affairs
Responsabilities include systems administration, second level support and IT consultant

Information Technology Specialist

Office of Residential Life

I worked at the Office of Residential Life as Tech Support Specialist where I provided 1st tier desktop support, designed marketing campaigns, print publications, website design and administration, FileMaker database and web developer.


Master in Business Administration

Carroll School of Management


Corporate Systems: Information Technology

Boston College

Got my BA in Information Techonology and Corporate Systems at the Woods College of Advancing Studies, at Boston College

I was a guest lecturer in 3D and Virtual Reality with Prof. Aaron Walsh at the Woods College at BC for the past 2 years where I lecture about current game development and technologies. We design and develop interactive, three-dimensional game enviroments using the Unreal 3D graphic engine used in the popular game Unreal Tournament, in combination with MAYA as a modeling and animation software.

Past Experiences

Ciudad Bitacora Internet

Barquisimeto - Venezuela

Started in Technical Support where I was responsible of providing support to the administrative department, staff and clients. Promoted to Network Administrator Assistant, where managed 3 IT Techs over a 150+ computers network. Developed policies and procedures to ensure network security and data integrity. Moved to the Department of New Projects to develop, deploy and setup computer networks for branches and third party businesses and integrate them to the company's WAN over Frame Relay with Cisco routers.

Ciudad Bitacora Internet - Punto Fijo
Ciudad Bitacora Internet - San Cristobal
Ciudad Bitacora Internet - Trinidad and Tobago

Education, Certifications, Skills

Cisco Certified Network Associate.
• Cisco Academy 2002 alumni.

Microsoft Certified Professional.
• Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Windows Server 2003
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Vista

HTML and Web Development
I have collaborated with several web sites like,,, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Racing America and and developed skills in Java, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL

Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, check my Portfolio.
I have done Game Level Design using cuttinge edge gaming technology like Unreal Engine, Hammer for Half Life Source and SandBox for Cry Engine 3D Modeling: MAYA, 3D Studio Max, Google Sketchup, Holimatix 3D, VRML, check my Projects.