Current Projects

Boston College Campus under UT2004

Winter 2006

This project consist in recreating Boston College upper campus in 3D using the Unreal game engine developed by Epic combined with the real character models and animations.
A demo was presented at the BC 3D Game Day and is currently part of MT358 3D and Virtual Reality course.

Unreal Engine: BC Campus

Googled: Boston College Gasson Hall

October 2006

Sketchup is the easiest tool to model 3D objects, so I've taken the task of modeling Gasson Hall in 3D and share it with Google Maps

Sketchup: Gasson Hall

April 2006

The Media Grid is a computational grid platform that provides digital media delivery and processing services for a new generation of networked applications. Immersive Education Project


Oct 2005

To develop a content management system to deploy a dinamic database-driven website


Live 3D Object

July 2005

To design a 3D object and deploy to the internet as an interactive 3D object.

3D Projects Page

CSS Style

May 2005

A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.

CSS Style

UA Intranet

April 2005

To sketch a departamental site for the UA Intranet and a Millennium training tool.

UA Intranet - Developing Intranets Presentation

Boston Tea Party Game

May 2004

A class project to design a game based on the historical events of December 16, 1773

The Boston Tea Party - Game Development Blog