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Scientific News - 2016

Scientific News
May 2015

Daniel Cho was honored as Scholar of the College at Boston College. The Scholar of the College award is a designation awarded to exceptional students who have excelled academically in their undergraduate studies and who have done substantial independent scientific work of the highest quality in their senior year. Daniel was supervised by Kelly Dumais (on photo).

May 2015

Ari Ratnaseelan, Grace Ro, Christine Yuan, Daniel Cho, Liz Nussbaum, and Sara Li presented posters on their research projects at the annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference at Boston College.


May 2015

Nick and Caroline gave talks about their research at the annual Graduate Research Day of the Department of Psychology at BC.

April 2016

Kelly Dumais is the 2016 recipient of Boston College's Donald and Helene White Dissertation Award for the best dissertation in the field of social sciences. Congrats to Kelly!

March 2016

Kelly Dumais successfully defended her dissertation!! Her committee members were Profs. Alexa Veenema (BC), Gorica Petrovich (BC), Elizabeth Kensinger (BC), and Craig Ferris (NEU). Kelly is author on five peer-reviewed articles, on one review article, and on one book chapter. Kelly received three fellowships: the F31 NIMH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Fellowship, the Engelhard Pingree Research Fellow, and the Dissertation Research Fellowship (both awarded by BC GSAS). We celebrated Kelly's successful PhD completion with champagne. Congrats to Dr. Kelly Dumais!

February 2016

Brett, Liz and Harry attended the annual NEURON conference at Quinnipiac University. Photo below depicts Harry (left) and Liz (right) presenting a poster on their undergraduate research projects.

February 2016

Kelly and Caroline gave talks about their research on the effects of oxytocin on neuronal activation using fMRI in awake male and female rats (Kelly) and the roles of opioids and oxytocin in social novelty seeking behavior in juvenile rats (Caroline) at the Social Brain Sciences Symposium 2016 at Brandeis University.

January 2016

Have you ever wondered whether our lab website is viewed by others? And if so, by how many and where they are from? Google Analytics gives you the answers. Since January 2015, the lab website has been viewed by more than 5800 users! These users are from 101 countries and 1509 cities! Within the USA, users are from 48 states (Alaska and West Virginia haven't found us yet) and 668 cities! Isn't that amazing? Below you will find some of these statistics with the top ten countries of people visiting the website.