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Scientific News - 2016

Scientific News
February 2016

Kelly and Caroline gave talks about their research on the effects of oxytocin on neuronal activation using fMRI in awake male and female rats (Kelly) and the roles of opioids and oxytocin in social novelty seeking behavior in juvenile rats (Caroline) at the Social Brain Sciences Symposium 2016 at Brandeis University.

January 2016

Have you ever wondered whether our lab website is viewed by others? And if so, by how many and where they are from? Google Analytics gives you the answers. Since January 2015, the lab website has been viewed by more than 5800 users! These users are from 101 countries and 1509 cities! Within the USA, users are from 48 states (Alaska and West Virginia haven't found us yet) and 668 cities! Isn't that amazing? Below you will find some of these statistics with the top ten countries of people visiting the website.