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Scientific News - 2014

Scientific News
February 2014

Kelly (photo below), Caroline (second photo below), and Alexa gave talks at the Social Brain Sciences Symposium that was held on February 8th at Boston College.

February 2014

Congrats to Kelly and Caroline! They each won a travel award of $2,000 from the Society for Neuroscience to present their work at the biannual FENS Forum of Neuroscience in Milan, Italy. Kelly and Caroline are among a total of only fifteen U.S., Canadian, and Mexican graduate students receiving this highly competitive travel award.

January 2014

Alexa Veenema received a grant from the NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award Program! Alexa's research has shown that the neuropeptide vasopressin acting in the brain regulates social recognition in sex and age-specific ways (Link to paper). This grant will support research in the lab that aims to reveal the underlying mechanisms and will also explore the role of the closely related neuropeptide oxytocin in the regulation of social recognition.