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Spring view of Beaumont Tower at MSU
Spring view of Beaumont Tower at MSU

Meet the Team

Cort Thompson
Cort H. Thompson

Research Technician/Lab Manager

Giltner 135A

phone: 517-355-9562

email: cort.h.thompson[at]gmail.com

Research Interests

I am a recent graduate of Michigan State University. I have broad research interests in the field of Neuroscience that range from neurophysiology of behavior to neural engineering. My mission as a scientist is to utilize modern methodologies and techniques to deepen the community's understanding of the brain as a system. I have experience with multiple methodologies such as electrophysiology, optogenetics, and tissue engineering. I aim to use these and additional techniques to investigate underlying mechanisms involved in neural regeneration and the neurobiology of behavior.

Positions and Education
Since 2017

Research Technician/Lab manager in the Neurobiology of Social Behavior Lab, directed by Dr. Alexa Veenema, Michigan State University


Research Technician/Lab manager in the Regenerative Electrode Interfaces Lab, directed by Dr. Erin Purcell, Michigan State University


B.S. in Neuroscience, Michigan State University


Research assistant in the Cognitive and Geriatric Neuro-technologies Lab, directed by Dr. Andrea Bozoki, Michigan State University

Since 2013

Volunteer Backyard Brains


Thompson CH, Zoratti MJ, Langhals NB, Purcell EK (2016) Regenerative Electrode Interfaces for Neural Prostheses. Tissue Eng Part B Rev, 22:125-35.