Alexandra C Neilson
(518) 821-3379

The Doane Stuart School                                                                         Albany, NY
The Williston Northampton School                                                 Easthampton, MA
            2005-2008, Graduated with High School Degree
SUNY Albany                                                                                     Albany, NY
            Summer of 2008

The University of Miami                                                                         Coral Gables, FL
            School of Education
            Sept. 2008- May 2009
Boston College                                                                                     Chestnut Hill, MA
            Lynch School of Education
            Majoring in Secondary Education and Mathematics
            Sept. 2009-Present

Boston University                                                                                    Boston, MA
            Summer 2010 (May 24 – August 5)



Campus Tan                                                                                                Chestnut Hill, MA
            Sales Associate                                                                             May 2010-Present
Responsibilities include opening or closing, working the front desk and cash register, cleaning the store as well as the tanning beds, servicing the beds, customer service, cashing out the register, washing the materials and towels, etc.

Brighton High School                                                                                Brighton, MA
            Student Teaching                                                                                January-May 2010
Worked with three separate teachers in three separate high school math classes: Special Ed. Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus.  Responsibilities ranged from observation, helping with homework and projects, mediating or leading group work, to teaching lessons.  Coordinated plans with three public school teachers, graduate student supervisors, and college professors.

Abercrombie and Fitch                                                                        Chestnut Hill, MA
            Model (Sales Associate)                                                            August-October 2009

                                                                                                            Albany, NY
                                                                                                            May-August 2009

                                                                                                            Miami, FL
                                                                                                            March-May 2009
Sales associate position responsible for opening, or closing the store, cleaning the store, and restocking the shelves before or after hours.  During hours responsibilities varied from greeting customers at the front door, to running the registers, to watching the dressing rooms, and also circulating in the different rooms.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store                                                East Greenbush, NY
            Server                                                                                                May-August 2009
Serving with a table section ranging anywhere from three tables to an entire dining room.  Beyond serving we also had to bus and clean around our tables.  After our shifts we had side work (such as refilling the beverage fridges, condiments, cleaning out coffee and hot chocolate stations, etc) as well as rolling 50 sets of silverware per shift worked. 

J.R.E. Lee Opportunity School                                                            South Miami, FL
            Student Teaching                                                                        January-May 2009
Worked with one teacher in two high school math classes: Algebra II, Geometry.  Responsibilities ranged from observation, helping with homework and projects, mediating or leading group work, to teaching lessons.  Coordinated plans with my supervising teacher as well we working with and observing situations with the vice principal.

Hudson Supermarket Antiques and Café                                                Hudson, NY
            Sales Associate (Sole Employee At Times)                                    May-August 2008
Opened and closed store, ran register, communicated with different sellers in the store, set up with individual sellers to sell their things in our store, set up online website, and delivered purchases by car.  Also opened the Hudson Supermarket Café.  Originally started as a restaurant, hired a chef and collaborated to create a menu with the owner.  Ran personal errands for the owner such as watching his house when needed.  Left when I moved to Miami for college.

Contacts for Recommendations 

Jenna Dunn                                                                                                 (914) 841-1103
            Babysat for her family for over 3 years
            Still close friends with entire family
            She was my high school Latin teacher, and her husband Brock was my senior year
            Have known her since September 2005

Rachel Bennet                                                                                     (518) 479-3646
            Manager at Cracker Barrel in NY
            Still maintain a positive relationship when I go back to visit NY
            Have known since May 2009

David Barrow                                                                                     (305) 661-2248
            Manager at Abercrombie and Fitch in Miami, FL
            Positive relationship, still keep in touch periodically
            Have known since March 2009




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