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Geometers Sketchpad and Destination Mathematics

Use this, to create... THIS!

Look here to read a newletter I wrote describing the benefits of Geometer's Sketchpad and Destination Mathematics, two computer programs that I will be integrating into our curriculum throughout the year!

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NCTM, is a great website for parents and teachers alike. "The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development and research." (

Click here! is a great website with a wide range of ability levels from pre-agebra through calculus. There are activities and tutorials for students, parents, and teachers alike. A great website to gain the interest and help with clarification for any aged learner.. in a really FUN way!



The Massachusettes Comprehensive Assessment System is something that all students and parents in the pulic school system should familiarize themselves with.

"As required by the Education Reform Law, students must pass the grade 10 tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics as one condition of eligibility for a high school diploma (in addition to fulfilling local requirements).

In addition, the MCAS program is used to hold schools and districts accountable, on a yearly basis, for the progress they have made toward the objective of the No Child Left Behind Law that all students be proficient in Reading and Mathematics by 2014." (




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