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1967    D. Soc. Anth. Social Anthropology

            (Post Doctoral Diploma Specializing in the Anthropology of                     Religion under the late Professor Sir Evans E. Evans-Pritchard)


1965    Th.D., Doctor of Theology  (S.T.D.)


            Systematic Theology

            Comparative Religion




            Art History

1961    M.Th. Master of Theology  (S.T.L.)

1959    B.Th. Bachelor of Theology  (S.T.B.)


1957    B.A., Philosophy


1981-present BOSTON COLLEGE, MA

         Professor teaching theology

1992-1994            EMMANUEL COLLEGE, MA (part-time faculty)

                        World Religions

1979-1980            HARVARD UNIVERSITY, MA

                        Visiting Scholar


                        Adjunct Faculty on Religion and Ideologies in

                        Contemporary Africa


1979                BOSTON COLLEGE, MA

                        Lecturer on the Aesthetics of African Culture

                        in the Black Studies Program

1977-1979            HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL

                        Visiting Professor of African Religions

                        MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, UGANDA

1975-1977            Professor and Chair of Comparative Theology

1974-1975      Associate Professor of Religious Studies and


1970-1974            Senior Lecturer of Religious Studies and Philosophy


                        Spring Term Visiting Assistant Professor of African



                        Lecturer of Religious Studies and Philosophy


1975-1977            -Dean and Chairman of the Faculty of Arts,

                        -Makerere University, Uganda.

1975-1977            -Member of Makerere University Senate.

                        -Member of Makerere Faculty and Staff

                         Development Committee.

                        -Head of the Department of Religious Studies and


1973-1975      -Member of Makerere Postgraduate and Higher  Degrees Committee.

1972-1977      -Member of the Joint Board (Arts and Social

             Sciences) of Graduate Studies.

1969-1973      -Member of the Board of Studies of Makerere

             Margaret Trowell School of Fine Art.


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1.  1986-present. Editor, FEED:  Bulletin of the Ugandan American Association For Education, Ethics and Development.

2.  1981-present            Founding Editor of the Uganda Digest.

3.      1981 Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Uganda Quarterly Review.

4.  1973-1975 -Member of the Board of Directors of the Munno Newpaper (the oldest African language daily in Subsaharan Africa.  The paper was originally established at Bukalasa Masaka, Uganda in 1911).

5. 1969-1976 Editor of Dini na Mila (=Revealed and Traditional Religion) Makerere University Press: A  publication of the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy.

6.  1969-1972 Member of the Editorial Board of Afer (=African Ecclesiastical Review, currently known as African Ecclesial Review).



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 9, 1983;

-Third Convention, City College, New York, NY, October 13,


-Fourth Convention, Boston College, Boston, MA, October 12,


-Fifth Convention, New York, NY, October 11, 1986;

-Sixth Convention, Boston College, Boston, MA, December 19,


8. Black/African Political Association, Annual Convention,

Howard University, Washington, DC, March 27, 1988.

9. Fourth National Theological Week, under the theme:  "The

Role of the Church in the Integral Development of Uganda:  A New Vision", held at Katigondo National Seminary, Masaka, Uganda, East Africa, January 8-15, 1989.

10. Annual Conference of African Studies Association, at

Boston, December 4-6, 1994.

11. Was Respondent to King Ronald’s Muwenda Mutebi’s

Lecture at Boston College which was hosted by PATU (“Presenting Africa to You”: An African Students Association at Boston College) on             February 5, 1996.


1968-present The International Association for the Study of

 the History of Religion.

1978-present            The African Studies Association (USA).

1969-1977 The Association of Members of the Departments of Philosophy and Religious

Studies in Africa.

1970-1977 The East African Academy.

1966-1967 The Oxford University Anthropological Society.


1964 Receipt of a bronze medal in recognition of my contribution to the composition of the African Oratorio in honor of the Martyrs of Uganda. The inaugural performance of this Oratorio, under the direction of the composer, Joseph Kyagambiddwa, took place in Rome, October, 1964. At this premiere, I was the chief player of the Uganda drums, in St. Peter's Basilica.

1966 was awarded a scholarship of the British Commonwealth Inter-Universities to attend the Institute of Social Anthropology of the Oxford University, U.K.

1980 I was awarded a scholarship to attend Harvard University as a Visiting Scholar.


1983        present:  Member of Winchester, MA Saint Mary's


1997   As Winchester, MA resident, involved in community

work as volunteer consultant for the enrichment of

the school curriculum on global affairs pertaining

to Africa.

1996 Spearheaded the founding of the African Studies Forum at Boston College.

1996 Faculty Advisor to PATU (the African Students Association at Boton College).

1996 Organized Winchester’s Fourth Black History Month Celebration, February 22, 1996.

1995 Organized the third Winchester’s Black History Month Celebration, February 19, 1995.

1995 –present: Appointed by Bernard Cardinal Law as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Boston Archdiocesan Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

1994 In context with the Multicultural network I organized the second annual celebration of Black History  Month in Winchester, MA under the theme: African American Achievements and Contributions to Nation Building, the celebration took place on February 6, 1994. Ever since the celebration has become an annual community event for  the town of Winchester.

1993 Named representative of the Uganda Martyrs University, in U.S.A.

1993 With the Multicultural network I organized the first annual celebration of the Black History Month in Winchester, MA which took place under the theme: Unity in Diversity on February 25, 1993.

1992            Chairman, African Resource Institute, an arranged for the play "Thirty Years of Bananas by a theatrical ensemble from Uganda.  The group toured the USA and wound up the tour with a performance at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Wednesday, May 26, 1992.

1991 Chair, Advisory Board of Africa, Inc. A non-profit organization for improving the welfare of African immigrants in the U.S.

1990-present  Founding member, the African Council in America, a coordinating organ of African organizations and communities in Massachusetts.

1990-present  Chair, Panel on "Human Rights in Africa", African Conference, Third World Educational Organization, MIT, Cambridge, MA.

1985-present  President, FEED Foundation Inc. The Ugandan-American Association For Education, Ethics and Development.

1969-1977 Consultant to the Luganda Bible Translation Committee of the Uganda Bible Society.

1974-1977 Member of the National Steering Committee in preparation for the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) as well as chairman of the sub-committee on Traditonal and Contemporary Architecture for the same; and chairman of the Adjudicating Committee for the Ugandan play - OLUYIMBA LWA WANKOKO

-which was performed at the FESTAC, Lagos, Nigeria,

-January-February 1977.

1974-1977            Member of the Cultural Research Committee of the                                          Uganda National Research Council.

1973-1975 Founding member of the Board of Directors of

Munno Publications (the oldest African language daily newspaper written in Luganda).

1969-1977 Member of the Board of Governors of Mount St.Mary's College, Namagunga, Uganda, 1969-1977.

1971-1972 Member of the Executive Committee, The Uganda Save the Children's Fund.

1974-1977            Founding chairman, The Makerere University St.                               Augustine's choir.

1973-1975 Chair, Board of Directors of YMCA Kampala Branch.

1969-1977 President, Old Seminarians Association of Uganda.

1961-1965 Cofounder and member of Auxilium:  Society for German-Ugandan Educational and Humanitarian Cooperation.

1960-Founder of Hereditas:  Association of Ugandan Students in                                Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


1995 Worked as Ugandan representative to the Boston Archdiocesan Ethnic Apostolate.

1994    I was the Host Director of the Visit of His Majesty King Muwenda Mutebi II to Boston, May 25 through 30, 1994. I was involved in drawing up the itinerary, making necessary civic, business and religious contacts and coordinating and directing the execution of activities thereof. These included getting in touch with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Kampala, Uganda, liaison with the Embassy of Uganda in Washington D.C. as well as with the Department of State Uganda Desk; in Boston it meant being the point person for pertinent contacts which included: the State House, the City Hall, Members of the Business Community, the African Methodist Episcopal Church Authority, Bernard Cardinal Law, Harvard University, the World Trade                                     Center and the Cultural Festival at the Waltham Weston Hotel, JFK Library, the Dimmock AIDS Center in Roxbury and the Planting of the Memorial Tree in Franklin Park Tropical Section.



2000 – present: Consultant and expert on Ugandan affairs to Anthony Drago, Jr., P.C.

2000 – present Member of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Interpreter Services.

1999 - present:  Consultant and expert on Ugandan affairs to

Mintz,  Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.Attorneys at Law.


1998 - present: Consultant and expert on Ugandan affairs to

Attorney Paul Kelly of Hoag, Foley, and Eliot.

1998  Was subjected to a voir dire  in the US District Court,

Boston, while Judge Reginald Lindsay presided and

prosecutor Theodore Chuang and lead defence counsel

Paul Kelly questioned for two hours. See “Mayor Loses Key Witness” on website:


1985-1988 Consultant and expert on Ugandan affairs to then

Immigration Attorney Eliza Klein.

1990 - present: Official Interpreter of English-Luganda to the

US Immigration Court by Certificate of Interpretation

under the auspices of Berlitz Interpretation Services.


Reading and speaking command of:  English, French, German, Swahili, Luganda.

Reading:  Latin, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Italian.