My name is Amanda Smith I am a Freshman in the Woods College of Advancing Studies. I am majoring in Corporate Systems and hope to open my own business someday. My knowledge in web development is not very extensive. I don't know a ton about decoding things and how everything is fully put together online. I haven't taken a class quite like this one before, but I would like to learn how to create my own website. Someday I want to open my own business and it would be nice to have a website to advertise it online.

During this course I would hope to learn more about how everything comes together online and what websites you can get honest/truthful information from. How to make and manage my own website as well. In high school I took a computer graphics class which taught me a lot about designing posters and how things are made. During my computer graphics course I got to learn how to use illustrator and indesign. In this class I worked on posters, business cards, Ad books and more for clients. Working with all kinds of apps and using photoshop helping me create the perfect model of what they would like. I do have some experience in Microsoft and excel as well, this class has also helped me learn how to write emails to my clients.