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Educational Resource Sites

1. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse: This site is a part of the Department of Education's ongoing attempts to reform K-12 math and science education. You can find the complete NCTM Standards here, as well as links to other websites and many curriculum resources.

2. Math Forum: This site provides practice problems of the week and an ask Dr. Math feature that will help students with their homework. It also features multiple forums to allow teachers to collaborate with one another. There is also a digital library of technology tools and support materials for teachers.

3. A Math Dictionary for Kids: This site is an interactive and animated visual dictionary the explains over 400 common mathematical terms in language students will understand. Each entry features an interactive component.

4. Funbrain: This site includes multiple math games for kids that will make learning fun! The games include math baseball and change maker. Teachers can also create quizzes here for students to take online.

5. Figure This: This is a family-oriented website that allows family members to work together to solve math problems that relate to real life. The website is also available in Spanish.

6. Math Library: This site features an online library of educational math websites and resources for teachers. Several of the previously mentioned sites are also featured here.





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