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Digital Art Image Collections at Boston College

Information for the BC Community

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All members of the BC community have access to the following digital art image collections. Log in using your BC credentials. You'll need to have a VPN set up to download images from these resources if you're working from off-campus)


The University Libraries subscribe to ARTstor, a collection of over one million images that may be used for teaching. The University of Texas VRC has created a short (just over a minute) "Getting Started with ARTstor" video, and Adeane Bregman, the B.C. Libraries' Fine Arts Bibliographer, has prepared a helpful webpage about using ARTstor. In addition, ARTstor provides several instructional videos on various aspects of using this resource. I've prepared guides to using some of ARTstor's features.

Bridgeman Education

The University Libraries also subscribe to Bridgeman Education, a collection of nearly 400,000 images.


BCdia is an online collection of art images that the Fine Arts VRC developed in cooperation with the University Libraries. BCdia comprises images licensed from vendors as well as digital art images photographed by Fine Arts faculty. BCdia is no longer in development — the Library will be phasing out support for this collection in the near future — but for now you can still access the more than 2500 images, which include images from a set that covers major monuments and objects in the history of western art, a second set focusing more specifically on art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance, images of art and architecture in Rome, and works from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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