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PowerPoint: Creating a Presentation using the Batch Image Importer (Mac)

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Creating a presentation using the image batch importer

The batch importer is an efficient method of importing an entire folder of images into Powerpoint. The batch importer places each image on a blank (white) Powerpoint slide, one per slide, and re-sizes the image to fit the Powerpoint slide. Once your images are imported, you can edit your presentation by changing the background color of the slides, adding text, copying and pasting images from one Powerpoint slide to another, and re-sequencing the Powerpoint slides.

To use the batch importer:

  1. Download (save) the batch importer program (Mac Powerpoint 2011 only) to your desktop, and double-click on the zip file to extract it.

  2. Double-click on the batch importer icon, and use your Finder to browse to and select the images that you wish to import into Powerpoint. Click "Choose."

  3. When the import process is completed, give your Powerpoint presentation a name, and save it.

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