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PowerPoint: Adding Text to a Presentation (Mac)

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To add text to a PowerPoint slide

  1. With your "Home" tab selected and ribbon available, click on the "text" icon (it's over near the "picture" icon), and select "text box" from the pop-up menu.

  2. Move your cursor over the Powerpoint slide. It should look like an "A." Click in the general area of the slide where you want to place the text, and drag diagonally down and to the right a bit (you'll be able to re-position the text box later if you want). Let go of your mouse button, and you should see an empty box with "handles" at the edges and corners.

  3. Click once inside the text box. The default color for text is black, so if your slide background is black, you will need to change the font color so that it will be visible. To select a new color, find the button in the bottom row of the ribbon, just left of center, that looks like a plain "A." Click on the arrow just to the right of this button, and select a color for your text.

  4. Start typing and your text will appear in your text box. The text box will automatically expand vertically to accommodate your text; you can use the handles to expand it horizontally or diagonally.

  5. You can use the other text-related buttons in the ribbon, as you would in Microsoft Word, to change font size and style. If you position the cursor over a button for a couple seconds (don't click), a yellow tag will appear indicating what that button will do.

  6. To move a text box, position your cursor over an edge of the text box so that the cursor turns into cross-hairs, then drag the text box to the desired location.

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