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Understanding ARTstor Image Groups & Folders

Information for the BC Community

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If you are signed into a registered ARTstor account, you can save ARTstor images within image groups on the ARTstor server. These image groups will be available for you to view and work with whenever, and from wherever, you sign into ARTstor — at least, until you delete them.

Why save image groups on the ARTstor server?

Understanding Folders and Image Groups

Image groups live within folders. You cannot save an image directly into a folder — it must be saved into an image group within that folder. Folders are a place to organize image groups (for instance, by class or theme) and to set access privileges. Access privileges are set at the folder level for all image groups within that folder.

"My Work Folder" is a default, private folder for each registered user. Registered users with instructor level privileges can create additional folders, including folders that can be shared with others.

You can limit others to just viewing the contents of your shared folder, or you can allow users to edit, add notes or even have full management privileges of that shared folder.

In order to share a folder, it must be within the "Institutional Folders" section of your folders; all folders in the "Private Folders" section limit access only to you.

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