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Creating Image Groups in ARTstor

Information for the BC Community

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Please note: You must be logged into ARTstor to create image groups. If you do not have instructor-level privileges, image groups you create will be stored in "My Work Folder." Users with instructor-level privileges can store image groups in other folders they create, and have the option of allowing other registered ARTstor users at BC to access those image groups. See Creating & Managing ARTstor Folders and Organizing ARTstor Folders.

  1. Select (by single-clicking so that the thumbnail border changes color) the thumbnails of the images that you want to put in your image group. You can save multiple images by selecting them while holding down the command key (on a PC, the control key) on your keyboard. To de-select an image, click on it again so that the colored border goes away.

  2. From the Organize menu at the top of the ARTstor window, select "Save selected images to" and then "New image group."
  3. ARTstor New Image Group Menu Item

  4. A new window will open showing the folders available to you. To see what's within a folder preceded by an icon with a plus sign, click on that icon.

  5. Select (by clicking once) the folder into which you want to put your new image group.

  6. At the bottom of the window, name your new image group (no symbols or diacritics in file names) and click "save," or "save and open" to actually view the thumbnails of the images in your new group.

  7. You can add images to your new image group during this and subsequent ARTstor sessions by selecting the images and choosing "Save selected images to > Existing image group" from the ARTstor "Organize" menu.

  8. If you create details (by zooming in on images in the ARTstor image viewer) that you want to save to an image group, click on the "save to image group" icon at the bottom of the image viewer window, select the group to which you want to save your detail, and click on "Save" at the bottom of the window.
  9. ARTstor Save to Image Group Icon

  10. To delete images from your image group, select the images and choose "Delete selections from image group" from the Organize menu.

  11. Drag-and-drop images within your image group to re-sequence them.

  12. After making changes to your image group, be sure to select "Save image group" from the Organize menu in order to save your work.

  13. Use additional choices from the Organize menu to rename an image group, or to delete an entire image group.

  14. You can create a description for an image group. With the image group open, click on "Create image group description" just above and to the left of your thumbnails. Type your description into the new pane, and click on "SAVE" near the top of that pane. In your folder organizer window, an icon to the right of an image group name indicates that that group has a description. Click on the group name to view its description.
  15. ARTstor Create Image Group Description View ARTstor Image Group Icon Description

  16. The image group "Share" menu provides various options for printing your image group, and for generating URLs to share with other BC ARTstor users so that they can view your image group.

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