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Adding non-ARTstor Images to a Personal Collection in ARTstor

Information for the BC Community

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Please note: You must be logged into ARTstor and have instructor-level privileges in order to add personal images to ARTstor image groups.

This useful capability allows you to incorporate your own images into ARTstor image groups so that the images can be viewed by others to whom you're granting access, and included into PowerPoint presentations that you generate from the image group.

  1. Click on "upload image & audio files" under the "My ARTstor" logo near the top right of the ARTstor homepage.
  2. ARTstor Upload Image Files

  3. Click in the box as directed, and browse your computer and double-click the file you want to upload. You can add multiple files to the list, but ARTstor suggests uploading no more than 200 megabytes' worth of files at the same time. Once you're finished selecting images to upload from your computer, click the "upload" button in the ARTstor dialog box. Note: you are allocated a total of 1000 MB for personal images within ARTstor, so be sure that you are uploading appropriately sized JPEGs that will not fill up your space quota too quickly. ARTstor's images are currently 1024 pixels on their longest side; you may want to make your images a similar size. See Working with Digital Images for some free online tools you can use to reduce the size of your images.

  4. Once the upload is complete, there will be a delay of about an hour before your images are available to you on the ARTstor site. Then you can view the images you have uploaded by clicking on "Browse personal collection" under the "My ARTstor" logo on the ARTstor homepage, and double-clicking on the "My Personal Collection" line.
  5. ARTstor Personal Collection

  6. On the Personal Collection page, you can select images and add them to image groups (note that a "P" to the lower right of a thumbnail denotes your personal images). You can also add descriptive data (artist's name, title, etc.) by clicking on the filename beneath the thumbnail, and entering text in the window that appears; additional tabs at the top of that window allow you to enter different kinds of information. Be sure to click the "Save" button after entering information.

  7. If your personal collection becomes large, you can manage it by organizing it into categories and sub-categories.

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