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Giordano: A Philosopher (Mathemetician)

Two Macintosh computers, a PC, two flatbed scanners and a slide scanner are available for faculty use in the slide room. Please remember that slide vendors claim copyright in many of the slides in our collection; please talk to me if you wish to have slides from the collection digitized. Software on the computers' hard disks includes Microsoft Office and Photoshop. All three computers are connected to the university's computer network, which allows access to the Internet as well as to HOLMES (the on-line library catalog), ARTstor and other campus resources. The computers in the slide library are configured to print using the printer in the departmental office.

I also have available a Macintosh laptop which, if you do not have your own laptop, you may to use for presentations in Boston College classrooms that are not equipped with a computer. Please contact me to reserve the laptop.

You should save any work you do on slide library computers (including the laptops used for classroom projection) to a CD or flash drive, or upload it to your MyFiles. If, for the sake of convenience, you also wish to keep temporarily a copy of your work on the computer's desktop, please save it within a folder labeled with your name. I periodically purge "orphan" files and folders from these computer desktops.

Reserve tags for particular slide library computers are available if you plan to use one (for instance, if you need to scan) at a particular time, and want to ensure it's available.

Please be aware that I am unfamiliar with the operation of much of the computer hardware and software. Though I am happy to help out with specific problems if time and my knowledge permit, please contact the BC Information Technology Help Center at x24357, or fill out a Help Request form online. If the Help Center cannot assist by phone, they will assign the first available TC to your matter (this is a new model of dispatching technical assistance that IT hopes will improve response time). ITS provides lots of helpful and comprehensible information on its Help Center website.

If you are interested in learning new skills, you may wish to take advantage of the occasional classes offered by Information Technology Services. Instructional Design and eTeaching Services may be able to assist you with technology questions and projects specifically related to pedagogy; you can email the Instructional Designers directly at

Please note that I am not available to provide your student assistants with training in scanning or other tasks that you may assign to them.

Slide library computers and scanners are not available for general student use. Students wishing to scan slides or book plates will find a scanner for their use in Bapst Library.

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Mycenaean bridge near Epidaurus, Greece

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Luca Giordano, "A Philosopher (Mathemetician)," 17th century (Musée du Louvre, Paris); Bottom: Mycenaean bridge near Epidaurus, Greece (ca. 1300 BC)