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Blackboard Vista: Updating Image Review Components

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Hodler: Peasant at Table with Shot Glass and Newspaper

In order to keep your Blackboard Vista image review component current, after each class compare the images you used to those that appear on the Blackboard Vista site. If there are changes, fill out a copy of the Blackboard Vista Image Review Component Edit Request form (pdf). Leave the form and any materials requiring scanning on the light table outside of my office door.

Alternatively, print out the relevant page(s) from your BBVista site, and use that printout to indicate insertions, deletions or changes. Print hint: Firefox seems to print out only one page-worth of any webpage. Sign on to BBVista using another browser (IE if you're on a PC, Safari if you're on a Mac) to print out your entire review page.

In either case, if you are using 35-millimeter slides for classroom teaching, any slides that will remain the same on the Blackboard Vista site may be returned to the gray re-file boxes, as usual.

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Eads, Bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis, MO, USA

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Ferdinand Hodler, "Peasant at Table with Shot Glass and Newspaper," ca. 1888 (Kunsthaus, Zurich); Bottom: James Buchanan Eads, Bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis, MO, USA (1874)