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In addition to the digital art image collections available to all members of the BC community, Fine Arts Faculty have access to these collections.


For requested items for which good-quality images are not available through ARTstor or other licensors (see below), we scan book illustrations, and slides in our collection that were photographed from book illustrations, to build "Portfolio," our Fair Use collection of digital images. Since it is unfeasible for us to track down, contact, and negotiate use rights with all of the rights-holders for these images, we make them available under the presumption that our limited, educational use of these materials is permitted by the Fair Use clause of United States copyright law. Portfolio currently comprises over 10,000 images that we've scanned or acquired since the fall of 2006. The collection is maintained locally in the VRC and, as with all of our digital collections, use of the images is restricted to classroom instruction and Blackboard Vista sites at Boston College. If you are interested in setting up an account to have web access to the collection, please let me know. Upon request, the Visual Resources Collection staff will create a Blackboard Vista review component for your class, using images from Portfolio.

Scholars Resource

You can search and download the 3000 images that the VRC has licensed from Scholars Resource. To do so, click on "Login" at the top of the Scholars Resource page to create an account. You'll receive an email with a link to confirm the account. On the confirmatory web page, select "faculty" as the account type after filling in the required fields.

Once you can log in on the Scholars Resource homepage, you can limit your searches to images already licensed by Boston College by clicking the "My Library" button underneath the search box. To download viewer-enabled images from the Scholars Resource site, click on the download link beneath the thumbnail. In the dialog box, select "Download Screen Size JPG" for an image that will be 1024 pixels on its longest side (comparable to ARTstor's downloads). A ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. Unzip the file to a folder, in which you'll find the image and an Excel file with the identifying information for the image.

To search for all images Scholars Resource has available for licensing, click in the "All Libraries" box; images that we have licensed will say "viewer enabled image" beneath them. If you find something that you want to use that we have not yet licensed, please let me know and I will license it — new licensed images are generally delivered to us within a business day.

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Valentré Bridge, Cahors, France

Bottom image courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Valentré Bridge, Cahors, France (14th century)