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Web Sources for Digital Art Images

Information for the BC Community

Robert: Grande Galerie at the Louvre

This page includes links to museums and libraries; collections of images collated by individuals or other entities; and search engines you can use to locate art images. Depending on image use policies, some or all of the images you find using the sites collections may be downloaded, for free academic use, at a size large enough for classroom projection. You may want to consult some of the resources on the copyright page to determine if your intended use complies with the site's or image's use guidelines.

The quality and sizes of the images you find on or using these sites will vary. If sites do not provide a "download" button, right-click (or, on a Mac, control-click) on the largest-available version of the image and select "save image as" from the pop-up menu. Images may be too small to project well if you try to enlarge them to fill an entire Powerpoint slide. Conversely, images may be very large and bog down your Powerpoint presentation, making it very slow to open and run, so you may want to reduce their dimensions. I'd recommend a minimum of about 1024 to 1280 pixels on the longest side; images to be displayed on newer, higher-resolution projectors will look even better with 1600 to 2000 pixels on their longest side. See How Can I Determine How Big My Image Is? and Image Editing & File Type Conversion.

Museums & Libraries

Federated Searching of Museum & Library Collections

These sites provide "one-stop" searching across multiple museum and library collections. Images you find using the sites will vary in size (most often, smaller than we'd like for projection), and are subject to different terms of use, depending upon the holding institution's policy.

Digital image collections & image search engines

Additional collections of images developed by Fine Arts faculty can be found on the department's Links and Resources page.

Adeane Bregman, the University Library's Art subject specialist, maintains a helpful LibGuide to finding images. For more information regarding finding images on the Web, see the external websites Finding Subject-Specific Digital Media Resources on the Web, A Guide to Image Collections and Online Art, and A Guide to Art History Resources on the Web.

Useful Links

Copyright & Fair Use

Working with Digital Images

Valentré Bridge, Cahors, France

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Hubert Robert, "The Grande Galerie in the Louvre," after 1801 (Musée du Louvre, Paris)
Bottom: Valentré Bridge, Cahors, France (14th century)