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Digitizing an Entire Course

Information for Fine Arts Faculty

Signac: Palace of the Popes in Avignon

Digitizing the slides you use to teach an entire course is a non-trivial project that requires planning. During a semester in which you are teaching using slides, we scan each group of slides as you complete your lectures. We have found that this is the most efficient way for us to digitize your course, as it means we do not have to spend additional time pulling slides from the drawer (and re-filing them) just for scanning purposes. It also serves to modulate our workflow and keep the process manageable.

Because we are scanning the slides after you have used them, the digital images will not be available for you to use in the classroom until the next time that you teach the course. So, for courses that are taught only once a year, the lead time for initiating a project to digitize an entire course is at least a year. Moreover, we can accommodate only two such projects per semester, which we accept on a first-come first-served basis. Please consult with me as soon as possible if you are interested in converting your course to digital format.

At the end of the semester, we will make the image files available to you to download onto your computer via the Boston College network. We will also provide you with an Excel file (or other format, if you prefer) with descriptive information for the images. These images are meant to be used for teaching purposes at Boston College. They may be projected in the classroom, or mounted on course-specific, password-protected Web sites (see "Blackboard Vista image review component", below). Please do not make further copies of images (electronic or otherwise), or make any other use of these images. We will ask you to sign an agreement to confirm that you understand permitted uses of the images.

Most faculty choose to incorporate the images into a PowerPoint presentation for classroom projection. If you are unfamiliar with PowerPoint, you may wish to avail yourself of one of the training workshops offered by BC Information Technology, or have a look at my PowerPoint Quick-start Guide. You may also incorporate the images we digitize in-house into presentations you create using the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer.

Blackboard Vista image review component

Many faculty opt to have us create a Blackboard Vista image review component as we are scanning slides for an entire course. We can create the Blackboard Vista component during the same semester that we are scanning the slides. The review component will be available to students during that semester, albeit with a delay (generally of about two weeks) between the time you give us your slides, after your lecture, and the time those images appear on the Blackboard Vista site.

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Calatrava Valls: Bridge across the Spree

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Paul Signac, "Palace of the Popes in Avignon," 1900 (Musée d'Orsay, Paris); Bottom: Santiago Calatrava Valls, Bridge across the Spree, Berlin (1992-97)