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Requesting Scans of Slide Library Slides

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Ingres: Oedipus & the Sphinx

We must digitize anything that you wish to have digitized from our slide collection. This is to ensure compliance with copyright guidelines, scanning standards and cataloging standards. The resulting digital image becomes part of our collection. We can give you a copy of the digital image to use for classroom teaching, and to mount on a Blackboard Vista site. The image may not be copied for any other use and may not appear on any website that is not specifically limited to a class.

To submit slides from our collection for scanning, sign out the slides from the drawers as you normally would to use them in class, and put them in a slide box. Fill out a copy of the copywork request form (pdf). It is not necessary to list the slides individually, but please count them and provide a total at the bottom of the form. Leave the form, along with the slides, on the light table outside of my office.

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Sisley: Bridge at Hampton Court

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, "Oedipus & the Sphinx," (Musée du Louvre); Bottom: Alfred Sisley, "Bridge at Hampton Court," 1874 (Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne)