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Requesting Images of Personal or Unpublished Items

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Artist Unknown (Spanish, early 17th century): Still Life with Books

The Visual Resources Collection will, upon request, scan unpublished personal items with the understanding that the resulting image will become part of our collection and may be used by other members of the Boston College Faculty under the same conditions as all other items in our collection. The images we create through scanning are meant to be used for teaching purposes at Boston College. They may be projected in the classroom, or mounted on course-specific, password-protected Web sites (see Blackboard Vista). So, for example, digital images of slides that you have shot may be used on Blackboard Vista sites for other Fine Arts classes. Additional duplication of images, and uses other than those described, are prohibited.

If you have provided us with personal materials from which we have produced digital images, you are responsible for any additional uses you make of those digital images. In other words, if you wish to place such materials on an unrestricted website, you are responsible for understanding the copyright implications. Keep in mind that even if you shot the slide from which we created the digital image, the underlying work of art might still be under copyright.

When requesting digital images from personal materials, please fill out a scanning request form (pdf) and be sure to provide adequate information (either on the materials to be scanned themselves, or on the form) so that we can catalog the resulting image and add it to our collection. This information includes as many of the following as possible: artist, title of work, date of work, medium/technique, size of work, location of work. If you are not the copyright holder for the work, please indicate the source of the item you are submitting for scanning, if known. Check that the proper orientation for the image is clearly indicated.

If you are requesting that we create digital images from materials to which you own the copyright, we will ask you to sign an agreement confirming that you hold and will retain copyright in the underlying work, and granting Boston College a perpetual license to make the resulting digital image available to members of the University community for teaching, study and research purposes.

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Bridge in the Garden of the Humble Administrator, Suzhou, China

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Artist Unknown (Spanish, early 17th century), "Still Life with Books" (Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin); Bottom: Bridge in the Garden of the Humble Administrator, Suzhou, China (ca. 1506-21)