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Lefebvre: A Tutor & His Pupil

Digital presentations

If you are giving your students the option of presenting digitally, please be aware that I cannot be available to assist with set-up on a student-by-student basis. If you do not normally use the digital projector, I will be happy to provide you with an overview of the equipment, and with the keys you will need to access the equipment.

Alternatively, students may contact Media Technology Services' Classroom Support Services (x24219) for information about using various types of equipment in the classroom.

You may wish to direct your students to the student presentations page I've prepared, where they will find links to the digital art image collections available to them, as well as links to pages to help them prepare quality images for classroom presentations.

Because of copyright issues, slides in our collection are not available to students for scanning. Students preparing digital presentations should be directed to Bapst Library, where a flatbed scanner is available for student use.

Slide presentations

If you are teaching a seminar in which you are assigning presentations, and you are giving your students the option of using slides in their presentations, please provide me with a list of the students in your class, and their presentation topics and dates, as soon in the semester as possible. If you wish, I will provide a slide library orientation to your class (about 10 minutes long). If you choose not to arrange for an orientation, please distribute the handout How to Use the Slide Library (pdf) to your students and emphasize to your class that the Slide Library is open by appointment only.

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Gärtner: The Long Bridge in Berlin

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Claude Lefebvre, "A Tutor & His Pupil," (Musée du Louvre); Bottom: Johann Philipp Eduard Gärtner, "The Long Bridge in Berlin," 1842 (Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany)