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Parmigianino: Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror

Studios and Devlin 011

We have four digital projector/Macintosh laptop computer setups available on rolling carts for use in the 4th-floor Devlin studios. Each includes a pair of external speakers. Be sure to reserve these setups to ensure that they'll be available for you to use at a particular time.

Devlin 011 is equipped with a ceiling-mounted digital projector, as well as a DVD/VCR (NOT hi-def) player and speaker system. If you don't have your own laptop for use in that room, I have a portable Mac notebook computer available — please see me to sign it out. Devlin 011 is also equipped with dual analog slide projectors.

If you copy your presentation or files to one of our laptop's desktop for faster performance in class, please move your file(s) to the trash at the end of class. If, for the sake of convenience, you also wish to keep temporarily a copy of your files on the computer's desktop, please save them within a folder labeled with your name. I periodically purge "orphan" files and folders from these computer desktops.

If you prefer using a laptop remote or a mouse to the using the touchpads on the laptops, I have these available for sign-out.

The Visual Resources Collection maintains 35-millimeter slide projectors for use in the Fine Arts studios. The projectors are on a rolling cart, and stored in the Slide Library. If you wish to ensure that the projectors will be available for you to use in one of the studios at a particular time, we have reserve slips available. Please return spent bulbs to me so that I will know to replenish the spare that I supply on the cart.

Please report to me any problems with the projectors on the rolling carts, in Devlin 011, or in any of the Fine Arts studios.

Devlin first- & second-floor classrooms

Media Technology Services maintains and supports the audiovisual equipment in Devlin first- and second-floor classrooms. Devlin 216, 218 and 227 are equipped with digital projectors; Macintosh computers with USB ports and PowerPoint software; network access; VCRs and DVD players; electrically controlled projection screens; and dual 35-millimeter slide projectors with wireless remotes. Other Devlin classrooms are similarly equipped, but lacking carousel slide projectors and computers. When I am available, I am happy to assist (to the best of my ability) with urgent audiovisual problems in the Devlin classrooms. If I am not available, you can try calling MTS classroom support at x24219 from the phone installed in the classroom.

Though MTS maintains and supports the equipment in the Devlin classrooms, I act as an on-site contact for Fine Arts faculty. Please see me to sign out keys to the closets (where the computer and TV monitor, if available, is stored), or, if you're teaching in 221, for a key to the closet in that room, where the digital projection controls are kept. I also have available for sign-out an external CD/DVD drive, as the new Macs supplied in Devlin 216, 218 and 227 do not have internal CD/DVD drives.

If you use the 35-millimeter slide projectors, I have keys to the projector cabinets. Please be sure to return any spent slide projector bulbs to me, in their boxes, so that I know to replenish the spare supply in that room.

When you are finished using the projection equipment in these rooms, please remember to turn off the projector and retract the screen. If you use the slide projectors in these classrooms, please use the remote to turn the projectors off, and lock the projector drawers (and cabinet front, if you opened it) after your class.

Please see MTS's Media Classroom Profiles for information about the electronic equipment in the second-floor Devlin classrooms. You will find a copy of the "Operation Instructions" inside the rack door in each classroom as well. Also, MTS has created an instructional video (Real Player required) demonstrating how to use a basic classroom AV setup.

iMacs are stored in the closets of the second-floor classrooms for use in those classrooms if you choose not to use your own laptop. The on button for the iMacs are on the back of the computer/monitor (on the bottom right if you're looking at the computer from the back). USB ports for your flash drive are on the bottom back of the computer.

For best performance, you may wish to copy your presentation to the computer's hard disk. If you do so, please be sure to drag it into the trash when your class is over. To shut down the computer, select "shut down" from the apple menu (top left corner of monitor). Push the "power display" button in the rack to start the projector's cool down process. Remove all cables and cords plugged into the rack. Please wrap the computer cords and cables neatly, roll the cart back into the closet, and lock the closet.

Other Boston College classrooms

Media Technology Services maintains and supports the audiovisual equipment in all other Boston College classrooms. To learn what equipment is available in a classroom to which you've been assigned, see MTS's Media Classroom Profiles. If you have been assigned to a room in which you have not taught before, I strongly encourage you to call MTS classroom support at x24219 before the semester starts to arrange for a training session and any keys that you may need to access the equipment.

I also advise you to inform Joanne or the person in charge of scheduling your classes of your equipment needs AT THE TIME AT WHICH CLASSES ARE BEING SCHEDULED FOR THE FOLLOWING SEMESTER so that the Registrar will be sure to assign your class to an appropriately equipped classroom.

I have available a portable digital projector that you may sign out to use in any classroom or seminar room at Boston College that is not equipped with a projector.

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Top: Parmigianino, "Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror," ca. 1523-24 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna); Bottom: Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England, 17th/18th century