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Requesting New Digital Images

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Brueghel: The Beggars

Due to image quality and copyright concerns, we prefer to license digital images from vendors, when they are available. However, because of constraints of time and image availability, we do supplement our purchases with images produced in-house.

As a library, our mission is to build an organized collection of the highest-possible-quality images, which is why we insist on performing scanning and cataloging according to standards. As a result, it may take us a little longer than your local photo shop (or your student assistant) to complete scanning requests.

Allow three weeks for requests of up to 36 images; larger requests will take longer. Smaller requests, consisting of just a few images, may be completed in considerably less time. Please speak to me regarding our image processing schedule if you will be making requests within three weeks of a vacation or holiday period.

When requesting new images from printed sources, please make an effort to find the best-quality reproductions available. In general, reproductions less than 2 1/4" in either dimension provide poor results when projected.

Focus-able images require that we flatten pages as much as possible when photographing or scanning them. Though we handle books with reasonable care, please be aware that bindings can sometimes crack during this process.

Fill out a copy of the scanning request form (pdf) for each source from which you are requesting images. Mark with bookmarks or post-its the pages on which desired images appear; if more than one image appears on the marked page, please designate on the bookmark as well as on the copywork request form which image it is that you want. If you use self-adhesive post-it notes, make sure they can be removed easily from the page without damaging it, and try not to place them over the image or text.

Books or other materials left to be scanned must remain in the slide library until we have completed the cataloging process. Please do not remove any such material without first consulting with me.

If I feel that your request may not comply with the Fair Use doctrine under U.S. Copyright law, you will be responsible for obtaining necessary permissions before we will produce the images.

The Visual Resources Collection is not equipped to provide publication-quality photographic services. The Media Technology Services Photography Department (x28677) can assist you in preparing materials for publication. The MTS Photography Department offers a wide array of photographic production services.

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Lingering Garden, Suzhou, China

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Peter Brueghel the Elder, "The Beggars," 1568 (Musée du Louvre); Bottom: Lingering Garden, Suzhou, China (Ming Dynasty)