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Departmental faculty members are issued keys to the Slide Library and may use the collection at any time. The Curator works Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30.

We prepare colored tags bearing the surname of each instructor who is interested in using analog slides. Borrowers use these cards to mark the place of each slide removed from the collection. No further sign-out procedures are required of departmental faculty.

Faculty members may hold slides on reserve, either on their assigned shelves in the Slide Library or in their offices. However, slides may not be removed from campus without my prior approval. Moreover, instructors are encouraged to return slides as soon as they have finished with them. Slide Library staff re-file returned slides as quickly as possible so that they are again available for use.

The slides are arranged first by broad chronological period (e.g., Ancient, Medieval, etc.). Art form (e.g., sculpture or painting) and nationality of the artist/location of the monument comprise the major criteria for arrangement of slides within a chronological period, though no one scheme is applied consistently throughout the collection.

I have entered all new slides cataloged since August of 1993 (more than 35,000 slides — over 33% of the collection) into a text database. The slide database does not contain images, or records for slides that entered the collection prior to August 1993.

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Menn: Zakim Bridge

Photographs by Andrea Frank
Bottom: Christian Menn, Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, 2003