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Blackboard Vista: Review Images

Information for Students


Many Fine Arts instructors collaborate with the Visual Resources Collection to make images shown in class available through Blackboard Vista for purposes of study and review. Blackboard Vista is an application that helps instructors create course-specific websites. These websites may be accessed only by students currently enrolled in the class.

The Blackboard Vista image review component is not intended to be a compendium of all material you are responsible for in your class. Your instructor may select some (or even many) different images for use in this year's class. The topics, artists and images discussed in class are what you will be responsible for, unless your instructor indicates otherwise.

The information accompanying the images on the Blackboard Vista site was, for the most part, transcribed from slide label information, which is not infallible. Moreover, scholarship regarding specific works of art is often in dispute. Therefore, if you note inconsistencies between the information provided regarding titles of works, dates, locations of works, or spellings of artists' names, give preference to those provided in class by your instructor.

Please do not use the Blackboard Vista site as a substitute for viewing works of art first-hand. While digitized images provide some value in terms of learning to recognize an artist's or culture's style, they cannot convey many of the subtleties (or pleasures!) of an original work.

The images on the Blackboard Vista site are protected by copyright law. Please abide by the law by not attempting to print, download, transmit or otherwise copy these images. The one exception is that you may print images to include in student papers for this class.

If you have questions about Blackboard Vista, or problems using it, please visit the Blackboard Vista Student Support website.

Image courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Giovanni Panini, "Modern Rome," 1757 (Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY)