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Information for Students

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Students enrolled in many Fine Arts courses can access class-related images on the course's Blackboard Vista site. If the instructor of your Fine Arts course has elected to create a Blackboard Vista site for that course, you will receive an automatic email at your Boston College email address informing you that the Blackboard Vista site exists. If you enroll in a course after the beginning of classes, it may take up to 48 hours until you receive the email and have access to the site. Some spam filters tag the automatic message as spam, so if you know that a course in which you're enrolled has a Blackboard Vista site, and you have not received confirmation of your access to the site 48 hours after registering for the class, you may wish to check your spam folder.

You can view the Blackboard Vista sites to which you have access by logging in to Blackboard Vista or the Agora portal using your BC username and password. For help with Blackboard Vista problems, please see Instructional Design & eTeaching Service's Student Blackboard Vista support page.

Some Fine Arts instructors have collaborated with the Visual Resources Collection to include image review components on their Blackboard Vista sites. To date, the Visual Resources Collection has collaborated on image review Blackboard Vista components for the following courses:

Please note that, even if an image review component has been created, your instructor may elect not to make a particular Blackboard Vista site, or image review component, available during any given semester. Also, please note that Fine Arts Blackboard Vista sites or Web sites not listed above may include image review components created independently by the instructor.

For information on using the image review components created collaboratively by your instructor and the Visual Resources Collection, please see Review Images on Blackboard Vista.