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Digitizing an Entire Course: Submitting Slides

Information for Fine Arts Faculty

Botticelli: Venus Presenting a Gift to a Noble Lady

Submit your slides for scanning following each class, as follows:

After each class, integrate the slides from your carousels into one linear sequence. Put the slides, in order, in the little red and white boxes we have under the counter in the slide library. To help with our workflow, it's best to give us the slides after each class, even if you have not completed your segment or topic.

Put a small post-it on the front of each box, write the class number (i.e. "FA305") on the post-it, and number the boxes for that lecture sequentially. Also, assign a title to each box. The title is probably your lecture topic. It should be brief but descriptive; this title will be the name of the folder in which that lecture's images will be stored and, if we are creating a Blackboard Vista image review component for you, the title will serve as the "link" on which students will click to access the images. For new Blackboard Vista sites, there will be a delay (sometimes of up to a couple of weeks) before images will be posted to the site.

If you change lecture topics within a class, please start a new box for the new topic. If you do not finish a lecture topic within a class, please write "to be continued" on the post-it for the last box of the class, and "continued" for the first box of slides from the next class that continues that topic.

Leave the slides on the light table outside of my office.

If you are submitting for scanning slides that are not from the Slide Library collection: Please see Requesting Digital Images from Personal or Unpublished Items.

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van Gogh: Bridge at Arles

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Sandro Botticelli, "Venus Presenting a Gift to a Noble Lady (Giovanni degli Albizzi?)," fresco from the Villa Lemmi (Musée du Louvre); Bottom: Vincent van Gogh, "Bridge at Arles," 1888 (Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne)