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Boston College has licensed Blackboard Vista to help faculty create and manage online components for their courses. Many faculty use Blackboard Vista to post course materials such as syllabi, materials lists or assignments so that students can access them from any computer. You can use Blackboard Vista to set up an online discussion, or even a live chat, for your class. There are "instructor only" modules of Blackboard Vista that can also help you with the administrative aspects of teaching, such as keeping track of assignments received and grading. If you are interested in learning more about Blackboard Vista and how you can use it, visit Boston College's Blackboard Vista website. Instructional Design and eTeaching Services offers workshops (log in using your BC credentials) that will help you become familiar with Blackboard Vista's features and functionality. For general questions about Blackboard Vista, contact the Blackboard Vista Course Management Administrator at See Requesting a Blackboard Vista site if you are interested in doing so.

Some Fine Arts faculty members use Blackboard Vista to compile image review pages for their class, and to make those pages available to their students. The Visual Resources Collection staff will work with you to create an image review component for your Blackboard Vista site; in fact, if you will be posting images created from slides in the VR collection, you are required to work with us in creating image review components so that we can begin the process of obtaining necessary copyright permissions. Since creating a Blackboard Vista image review component for a class usually involves intensive scanning on our part, please talk to me as soon as possible if you are interested in our creating one for you. We can generally create two new Blackboard Vista image review components per semester, and there is often a waiting list. If you are using your own images, or images that you are scanning from other sources, you may choose to create your own image review component within Blackboard Vista.

Note re printing from BBVista: to print out image review pages from BBVista, access BBVista using Explorer or Safari. Firefox does not play well with BBVista when it comes to printing.

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François Boucher, "The Bridge," 1751 (Musée du Louvre, Paris, France)