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Blackboard Vista: Requesting a site

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Dou: The Old Schoolmaster

The first step in creating a Blackboard Vista site is to request a site (log in using your BC credentials) through Instructional Design & eTeaching Services. If you will be working with the VR collection to create an image component for the site, be sure to add me (username: franka) as an additional designer so that I can update the image review as necessary throughout the new semester. Also, please email the Blackboard Vista Course Management Administrator at to request that I be given TA privileges (this must be done separately). I request TA privileges so that I can track use statistics for the image review pages I've created. If you prefer that I not have TA privileges, I will ask you to provide those figures to me at the end of the semester.

To log in to Blackboard Vista (https://cms.bc.eduMacintosh users: please note that Safari is the recommended browser, although I have had better luck using Firefox), use your "BC credentials" — that is, the same username and password you use to access Agora or library resources. You may wish to bookmark the BBVista login page in your browser, as you are likely to be visiting it often.

When you click on your course for the first time, you'll see an introductory screen describing some of the features that will help you learn about Blackboard Vista, and create/edit a Blackboard Vista course. After exploring these, you may wish to click in the "Do not show me this page again" box on the bottom prior to clicking on the "Done" button so that in future visits to your course site you'll go directly to the course's homepage rather than having to click through this introductory page.

The Blackboard Vista administrators have configured the system to automatically send an email to the Boston College email address of each student enrolled in a course. This email will inform the student of the existence of a Blackboard Vista site for that course, and provide information on accessing the site and suggestions for trouble-shooting access problems. Students may not be able to access a Blackboard Vista site for up to 48 hours after registering for a course. If, after that time, a student claims to have not received information about accessing the site, suggest that they look in their email "junk" folder, as many spam filters tag the automatic message as spam.

If your Blackboard Vista site includes an image review component created by the Visual Resources Collection, please provide each of your students with a copy of our Blackboard Vista info sheet (pdf).

Student access to image review components created by the Visual Resources Collection is terminated at the end of final exams each semester. If individual students in your class require continuing access to the images to finish up work on an "Incomplete," please be sure to let me know.

Instructional Design and eTeaching Services offers workshops (log in using your BC credentials) on BBVista to help new users get started and more advanced users explore additional features.

For general questions about or problems with Blackboard Vista (unrelated to the image review component), please contact the Blackboard Vista Course Management Administrator at, or see Instructional Design and eTeaching Service's Blackboard Vista webpages. You can also use this form to request assistance with Blackboard Vista, or visit the Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center during its walk-in hours.

Useful Links

Online form to request a new Blackboard Vista site (log in using your BC credentials)

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Instructional Design and eTeaching Services Blackboard Vista workshop schedule & registration (log in using your BC credentials)

Blackboard Vista at Boston College

Form to request assistance with Blackboard Vista (log in using your BC credentials)

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Corot: View of Rome

Images courtesy of Saskia, Ltd.
Top: Gerrit Dou, "The Old Schoolmaster," 1671 (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Alte Meister, Dresden); Bottom: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, "View of Rome: Bridge, Castel Sant' Angelo with St. Peter's," 1826-27 (Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco)