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Andréa McColgan Javel
Electronic Mail:
Office location: Lyons 204A
Telephone: (617) 552-3839

Office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: 9:00 - 9:45, 1:00 - 2:15
 and by appointment

Courses - Fall 2018:  FREN1009 Elementary French I ;
  FREN1109 Intermediate French I - M-W-F;
RLRL5597 (or EDUC6303): Foreign Language Pedagogy: M, 4:30 - 6:50
FREN1109 Intermediate French I - T/Th at 9:00
FREN1109 Intermediate French I (Bilodeau): M & W at 4:00 (Not offered in 2018)
FREN1011 Elementary French I Practica (FREN1011), T (Prof. Pinguet at 11:00 and 12:00)
FREN1013 Intermediate French I Practica (FREN1013), T (Prof. Pinguet at 1:00)
Courses- Spring 2019: Elementary French II (FREN1010); 
FREN1110 Intermediate French II; Intermediate French II (RL110) - T/Th (Prof. Sadock T/TH at 9:00);
Intermediate French II - (FREN1110) - M/W (Prof. Bilodeau - at 4:00) (not offered this semester)
Elementary French II Practica (FREN1012) T (Prof. Pinguet at 11:00 or 12:00)
Intermediate French II Practicum (FREN1014) T (Prof. Pinguet at 1:00)
Summer Intensive Intermediate French  Bordeaux 2019;
Intermediate French I, Boston, summer, syllabus: (not offered in 2018)
Intermediate French II, Boston, summer : syllabus (not offered in 2018)
     Title: Senior Lecturer, Coordinator of Elementary and Intermediate French,
Coordinator of Foreign Language Placement Test in French and Spanish

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures Home Page
B comme bouquin, C comme cinéma

Sites Internet:
Pour les médecins: L'oncologie pédiatrique en Afrique
Pour les profs et ceux qui s'intéressent au cinéma francophone: French and Francophone Cinema

Professional organizations for teachers of French:
American Association of Teachers of French

Globetrotter Dogma: Rules of the Road (by Bruce Northam )
Cannon 1. Have your mid-life crisis now!  Don't postpone travel happiness indefinitely.  A life of work can be dreadful. Escape while you can.  Listen to your heart and ignore your boss grimacing about your forthcoming sabbatical.
Cannon 2.  Seize the exhilaration of roaming.  Let yourself in on the following secret.  Life is short so have fun while you can.  Start by overcoming the following common but irrational emotions.  1) Fear of losing ground on the employment timeline; 2) Hesitancy about blazing your own expedition trail; 3) Inability to get some distance from your work-a-day life in order to recognize what you do and do not value; 4) Reluctance to ease back on the lawn mower throttle;
5) Blind allegiance to the American lifestyles portrayed by fabric softener commercials.
Cannon 3: The good old days are now.  "It" is not ruined.  Ignore travel snobbery.  Bali, Thailand and other supposedly overrun paradises are still great places to visit, even though it may have been more real 15 years ago.  Your first time is your first time, virgin turf simply is.  The moment you commit to a trip, there begins the search for adventure.
Cannon 4: Unsettling things may happen.  Move on.  "Fall down seven times, get up eight." --Buddhist quote.  Life ain't fair?  Well, the fair comes to town once a year and it's not reality.  Bumming out over a flight delay in the Philippines, my brother had a change of heart by chancing upon an impoverished seven-year-old boy who was joyously flying a kite that he constructed by typing a long string to a billowing plastic trash bag.