Intermediate French I Practicum             Automne 2018

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures    BOSTON COLLEGE



Jérémie Pinguet

Class times: 

Tuesdays at 1:00



Office hours:





Lyons 204A



Mon, Wed & Fri 9:00 - 9:45 & 1:00 - 2:15
(and by appointment) 

WEB SITE: (Links to on-line  syllabi, worksheets and study guides for tests).

Quant à moi: Témoignages des Français et des Francophones . (5ème édition) , Bragger and Rice.  Boston: Heinle Cengage, 2012.   When purchased in the BC Bookstore,  this textbook comes with a book key that gives you access to the online workbook (the Manuel de préparation).  Your instructor will give you the course code in class or by e-mail.  You will need both codes to set up your Quia account.    If you purchase your textbook elsewhere, you can buy the book code for the online workbook from

Click here to access a questionnaire on your background in French. Please take a moment to fill it in and then turn it in to your instructor.

This "Practicum" is designed to work in tandem with Intermediate French I (FREN1109). Any student who is enrolled in Intermediate French I (FREN1109) feels they need or would like additional support and review should enroll in a section of the Practicum. Practica are limited to 12 students so that there is optimum student /teacher interaction and frequent student participation. During this additional hour students will engage in oral and writing practice, as well as review the key elements of a given lesson. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to keep their instructors apprised of any difficulties experienced in FREN1109, so that this course meets their individual needs.  The Practicum can also focus on dfferent episodes of Un Village français, if students so desire. 

: Enrollment in FREN1109 or an Elementary French I instructor's recommendation . Students must be concurrently enrolled in Elementary French I (FREN1109). This class cannot be taken as a stand alone course.

Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a documented disability seeking reasonable accommodations in this course, please contact Kathy Duggan, (617) 552-8093,, at the Connors Family Learning Center regarding learning disabilities and ADHD, or the Disability Services Office, (617) 552-3470,, regarding all other types of disabilities, including temporary disabilities. Advance notice and appropriate documentation are required for accommodations.

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: Due to the importance of keeping class size small, the Department will only consider overrides when there are NO other options. NO OVERRIDES will be considered until the end of DROP/ADD, September 5, 2018. Up until that time, students should intermittently continue to try to enroll in the section of their choice through U-VIEW. During the DROP/ADD period, spots open up randomly and most students are able to enroll in the section they prefer without consulting the Coordinator. If the need for an override does arise, students must obtain the Coordinator's permission. Individual instructors cannot give overrides.

Attendance: Since learning to communicate in French requires regular oral practice, the Department allows only one unexcused absence per term in classes meeting once a week. Points will be deducted from the overall grade for each additional absence.

Make-Up Policy
: No make-up tests or quizzes will be given, except for medical reasons. A written excuse from a physician or the Dean's office must be provided. 

Academic Integrity

Boston College values the academic integrity of its students and faculty. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the university’s policy on academic integrity. Violations of academic integrity will be reported to your class dean and judged by the academic integrity committee in your school. If you are found responsible for violating the policy, penalties may include a failing grade as well as possible probation, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the seriousness and circumstances of the violation.


GRADING:                                         (percent of final grade)

Class participation and attendance


Quizzes (7):



In computing grades, the following numerical equivalents for the 12 letter grades will be used:

A 4.00 (95 -100)

B- 2.67 (80 - 82)

D+ 1.33 (67 - 69)

A- 3.67 ( 91 - 94)

C+ 2.33 (77 - 79)

D1.00 (64 - 66)

B+ 3.33 (87 - 90)

C 2.00  (74 -76)

D-0.67 (60 - 63)

B 3.00 (83 - 86)

C- 1.67 (70 - 73)

F 0.00 (below 60)

Language Lab Hours:
Sundays 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Mondays - Thursdays 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Fridays 8 - 5



Tues.-Aug. 28

Introduction au cours.  Chapitre préliminaire, C'est la rentrée.

Tues.-Sept. 4

QUIZ nº 1: Chapitre préliminaire, verbes au présent. 

Tues.-Sept. 11

Introduction au chapitre 1: Passons à table.  La fiche vocabulaire.

Tues.-Sept. 18

QUIZ nº 2: Chapitre 1 (la suite) les articles (le, la, les, l', un, une, de, d', des, du, de la, de l') pour parler de la nourriture et la cuisine.  (pp. 16 à 27).  Révision: poser des questions.

Tues.-Sept. 25

PAS DE QUIZ.  Introduction au Chapitre 2.  Être chez soi.

Mon. - Oct. 1
(Last date for undergraduates only to drop a course or to declare a course pass/fail in the Associate Deans’ offices.)

Tues.-Oct. 2

QUIZ nº 3: Questions de compréhension, Chapitre 3 (pp. 51 - 65) Chacun chez soi, le logement, les adjectifs qualificatifs. 

Tues.-Oct. 9

Vacances d'automne.  Pas de cours. 

Tues.-Oct. 16

PAS DE QUIZ.  Introduction au Chapitre 3: On s'amuse.  Préparation aux activités orales au Laboratoire de langues.

Tues.-Oct. 23

QUIZ  nº 4:  Votre emploi du temps.

Tues.-Oct. 30

Quiz  nº 5: le passé composé et l'imparfait.  Raconter une histoire au passé.  Préparation aux activités orales au Labo.

Tues.-Nov. 6

QUIZ nº 6: Parler du passé (3), le plus-que-parfait.  La concordance des temps. 

Tues.-Nov 13

NO QUIZ! Un Village français, parler des moments forts et les sketchs. 

Tues.-Nov 20

NO QUIZ: Introduction à la littérature antillaise.  Littérature orale vs. littérature écrite.  

Mon.-Nov. 26 ( Last date for official withdrawal from a course or from the university)

Tues. -Nov 27

QUIZ nº 7: La Guadeloupe

Tues.-Dec. 4

QUIZ nº 8: Pluie et vent sur Téléumée Miracle, histoire orale personnelle.