FREN1009 / FREN1109, Elementary or Intermediate French, Fall  2018 (Circle appropriate course number).

Instructor:  _____________________  Section: ___________________

Last name:  ____________________      First name:________________________

BC Phone: _______________________ e-mail address: _____________________

School (circle one):   A & S      CSOM    Education    Nursing

Year (circle one) of graduation: 2018    2019   2020    2021   Other ______________

Major: __________________________

Why do you want to learn French?  

What's your connection to French?

Are you taking this course to meet the BC Proficiency Requirement? __yes   __no

Does anyone in your family speak French? __yes   __ no
   If yes, please elaborate.

Have you ever lived in a French speaking country? __yes   __no
   If yes, which country (or countries) and when.

Have you ever traveled in a French speaking country or participated in a school exchange?
 __ yes   __no
   If yes, please describe your experience(s).

In addition to English, what other language(s) do you speak fluently?  How did you learn the language(s)?

What language(s) have you studied in school? Indicate  If possible, indicate the grade(s) you received.

Elementary, middle and high school
College- Name courses taken.


Other(s)?  If yes, name them.