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Call for Papers: 

The Fourth CPTHL Symposium

Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure Research

 Symposium Themes: Lived Experiences and Advancing Science in Lifestyle, Leisure, and Tourism

Location / Dates: HEC Montreal, Canada / 17-20 July 2005

Submission Deadline:  (1) 2-page abstract, 15 January 2005; (2) 20-page paper, 15 April 2005


Following the successful 1998 (Hilo), 2000 (Vienna), and 2003 (Melbourne) CPTHL Symposia and the publications of the symposia papers in Tourism Analysis and in three volumes in the CABI International Book Series on Tourism Studies, the Fourth CPTHL Symposium will be held at the École des HEC/ HEC School of Management.  Please submit your paper in a WORD file attachment to one of the five members of the Fourth CPTHL Symposium Chairs: 

  • Asia: Jiang Du (, Beijing International Studies University;
  • Austrailia/NewZealand: Chris Cooper (, University of Queensland
  • Canada, Central & South America: Jean-Charles Chebat (,  HEC Montreal
  • Europe & Africa: Frank Go (, Rotterdam School of Management
  • United States:  Arch Woodside (, Boston College.


Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Management, Marketing, Tourism, Leisure Science, Hospitality, and Consumer Research Papers Invited

Papers are sought that contribute to advancing theory, research methods, and useful practices regarding lived experiences and behavioral science topics focusing on lifestyle, leisure, and tourism.  Following the mental model that individuals interpret who they are and what they seek in life but what they have done, the Fourth CPTHL Symposium focuses on understanding ourselves deeply by interpreting the conscious, and frequently unconscious, tradeoffs made among work, family, and leisure alternatives.

In addition, the Fourth CPTHL Symposium desires to include original research reports on implemented strategies designed to influence lifestyle, leisure, and tourism behaviors; evaluation research reports of implemented destination marketing strategies; cross-cultural research on the impact of core values in lifestyle, leisure, and tourism decisions/behaviors; laboratory and field true/quasi experiments of impacts of alternative lifestyle, leisure, and tourism pursuits on individuals and household preferences; research on cognitive mapping of lived experiences in lifestyles, leisure, and tourism; consumer satisfaction and/or complaining behavior involving lifestyle, leisure, and tourism activities.  For additional information on topics very suitable for paper submissions, please consult publications from prior CPTHL Symposia.  For the table of contents of papers published from the previous symposia, for Volume 1 please go to:; and for Volume 2 please go to:


Deadlines:  the organizing committee requests that you submit a two-page abstract by 15 January 2005 and/or a full paper (20-pages of text maximum with up to 10 additional pages of reference pages, exhibits, tables, figures, and appendices).  Please double-space the abstract and the full page using 12-point Times New Roman and submit in WORD.



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