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Society of Lifestyle, Leisure, and Tourism Science

Journal of Lifestyle, Leisure, and Tourism Research, JLLTR

Official Journal of the Society of Lifestyle, Leisure, and Tourism Science

Prepared by Arch G. Woodside,  10 July 2003


Purpose of the Society

The focus of the Society is to broaden and deepen scientific and practical knowledge and theory of lived experiences that often include tradeoffs among travel, leisure, work, family life, and additional dimensions of lifestyles.  The Society is the only behavioral science organization open to all researchers across the fields of consumer, lifestyle and quality of life, leisure, tourism, hospitality, and travel research.  One major aim of the Society is to examine individual and family unconscious and conscious decisions and tradeoffs among family, work, leisure, travel, and biological requirements (e.g., sleeping).

The Journal of Lifestyle, Leisure, and Tourism Research

The Society’s major publication is the JLLTR, published in quarterly issues; one volume annually.  Submissions of manuscripts (double space, 12 point type, in WORD document format, electronic attachment, are invited.  Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief.

Invitation to Become a Founding Member (2004-5)

During 2003-2005, Associate Editors and Editorial Board members accepting the invitation to join the JLLTR Editorial Board are invited to become one of the 100 Society Founding Members.  (The limit for Founding Membership Status is 100 members.)  Founding Members receive a permanent 40% discount of dues in the Society over their lifetimes.  Dues will be paid starting for the first year in 2005.  Regular member dues are $100 Euros; thus, Founding Member dues are $60 Euros in 2005.)   Regular dues will remain at $100 per annum for 2006 and 2007.

Associate Editors are encouraged to participate by presenting a paper at the Society’s Symposia on the Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure Research (CPTHL).  The Fourth Symposium is scheduled to be held at the HEC, Montreal, 17-20 July 2005.  Papers presented at the First, Second, and Third CPTHL Symposia are available in hardback books published by CABI, (e.g., see 

Scholars working in disciplines that relate to lifestyle, leisure, and tourism are invited to request Founding Member status in the Society and to participate as JLLTR Editorial Board Members.  Please respond to this invitation by contacting Arch G. Woodside, Professor of Marketing, Boston College (; fax: +1-617-552-6677; telephone: +1-617-552-3069 or Mac Steenrod, Associate Director for the CPTHL Fourth Symposium (; telephone: +1-617-656-7346.


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