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Sep 14

Overco Overcoming the illusion of will and self-fabrication (Exhibits attached)


Sep 21 Updating Heiderís Balance Theory in Consumer Behavior
Sep 28 Storytelling Slides

How consumer enact brand myths

Oct 4 Market-orientated ethnography: Interpretation building and marketing strategy formulation.
Oct 12 Fear Arousal, Persuasion, and Actual versus Implied Behavioral Change: New Perspective Utilizing a Real-Life Dental Hygiene Program
Oct 19 The interplay between archetypes and autobiography in mass media preference

Rashomo visits consumer behavior: an interpretive critique of naturalistic inquiry

Nov 2 Reference group influence on product and brand purchase decisions.
Nov 9 Consumer Research and Semiotics: Exploring the Morphology of Signs, Symbols, and Significance
Nov 16 The Role of Television in the Construction of Consumer Reality

The Persuasion Knowledge Model: How People Cope with Persuasion Attempts

Nov 30 Customer Portfolio Analysis Among Competing Retail Stores