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Consumer Psychology Behavior

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  1.  Advancing Means–End Chains by Incorporating Heider’s Balance Theory and Fournier’s Consumer–Brand Relationship Typology

   2.  Meta-Evaluation: Assessing alternative methods of performance evaluation and audits

   3. What evokes the brand or store? Consumer research on accessibility theory

   4. Firm orientations, innovativeness, and business performance:

   5. Measuring Linkage Advertising Effects on Customer Behavior and Net Revenues

   6. Advancing from Subjective to confirmatory personal introspection in consumer research

   7. Advertising and consumption of alcoholic beverages

   8. Construction thick descriptions of marketers and buyer's decision process

   9. Respondent Inaccuracy

  10. Theory of rejecting superior, new technologies

  11. Updating Heider's Balance Theory in Consumer Behavior