Descendant Report, Tzvi Lubel
George Lewbel

First Page

This archive contains information about the Lewbels (my father's family), the Shaletts (my mother's family), the Hofmanns (my wife's father's family), and the Takces (my wife's mother's family).

The current version of the source file is available; it's in Macintosh Reunion 8 format.

To view the archive, start by clicking on the First Page link above. Numbers in (parentheses) preceding names are generations, starting with Tzvi Lubel, as far back as I have traced the family.

Numbers following names are arbitrary IDs assigned by my genealogy software. They are very useful for "tracking" individuals because they do not change when I revise the file.

Relationships are complex in this family, as there have been many cousin marriages. Many individuals appear more than once in the tree. For example, a man who has been married twice will appear in a separate listing with each spouse. The ID numbers will help you understand these relationships.

Individuals whose names are not known to me are called Unknown (e.g. Tzvi's wife). Maiden names are shown for married women, rather than their married (husband's) last name. Nicknames or alternate names are given in "quotations."

The undated photo on this page shows (rear), Manya Lewbel and Joseph Samuel Emdin; middle seated (l-r): Menuche Unknown, Joseph Shimon Lewbel, Leah Blaufarb, Schmul Itzak Lubel, Harry Schwartz (standing far right); Front children: Anya, Akiva, and Taube Lewbel.

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