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Formerly the Lewbel family reunion page, this is now Lewbel Online, home of Lewbel links on the internet (kinda blog like, but without the frequent updates). To see everyone at the reunion, click here.


*** Lewbels in the movies: The internet movie database includes two of our relatives, and Rob Lewbel and Linda June Lewbel. An interview with Rob about his work is here. Linda June worked under the stage name of “Bunny Lewbel.” Info about her performing career is here, and check out this memoir including her at the Copacabana.


The Lewbel family reunion was held July 31 to August 5, 2002, in La Jolla (San Diego), California. Dozens of Lewbels enjoyed Balboa Park day, Surfing, Barbeque, comparing old photos and stories, and much more. Souvenir CD’s will be available soon! (Really, no kidding).


*** Click here to see how Abraham Morris Lewbel would have gone to the reunion.


Click here to get a PDF copy of the Lewbel family tree, revised as of May 2002 (you will need adobe acrobat reader to read it. Acrobat can be downloaded for free from If you’d like to dig deeper into the Lewbel family (a scary thought), email George for a copy of his complete Lewbel genealogy database. It is in the GEDCOM format. To read and use it, you will need to download the excellent legacy program, at, or, for you mac users, get the gene program,


Are you a Lewbel? Email George to get your info included in the Lewbel genealogy. And get your link in here already! Email Arthur to have any Lewbel links you have or know about included here.


*** Congratulations to Sam, Josh, Becky, Hannah, Laura, and Florence, who survived Surf Diva training at the reunion, caught waves, and are sittin’ on top of the world. Readers here can surf without getting wet. “Ego surfing” is typing your name into search engines to see what you find. Click Lewbel to start. Other common Lewbel related surnames you can try are Cavanagh, Cohen, Cook, Emdin, Herszenhorn, Kaden, Makow, Pinch, Schwartz, Vassallo, and Zuckerman.


(ok, so it’s not really like a blog at all. More of a home page, except nobody’s home).


*** See Saul Lewbel’s 1935 U.S. patent #1,991,284 for a combined wrist & pocket watch: page 1, page 2, page 3 (you will need a plug-in that reads tiff files to read these. You can also click here to go to the US Patent office search engine and type in 1991284.


If you weren’t invited to the reunion, please don't be offended. Perhaps we did not know how to reach you, or maybe did not even know that you existed. It's taken over 5 years to make sense of our rather complex family tree. Most of us don't know one another since we've been spread out for at least a generation all over California, Washington, Florida, New England, and the United Kingdom.


*** See Lewbel art: Paintings by Ellen Hack (nee Lewbel)


*** Lewbels also manage real estate.  And juggle. And play golf.


In Augustow, in what is now Poland, between 1862 and 1882, Akiva and Minucha Lubel had four sons: Schmul Itzak Lubel, Joseph Shimon Lewbel, Lord Henry Lewbel, and Abraham Morris Lewbel. As far as we have determined, everyone in the world that spells their name Lewbel (instead of, e.g., the relatively common name Lobel) is descended from these four brothers. Some have more than one brother as an ancestor, because Schmul's son Saul married Abraham's daugher Sarah, and Schmul's daughter Esther married Joseph's son Akiva. The result is a rather bushy family tree.


*** How about Lewbel books? See George Lewbel at


*** Not just one, but two Lewbel amateur radio club presidents, one past, one present: Neil Lewbel (though now in Ohio), and Hannah Lewbel.



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