photos by Arthur Lewbel and Betty Shannon

May 2001

Here are photos of Claude's juggling machine, constructed sometime around 1983. Built mostly from pieces of an erector set, and tricked out to look like W.C. Fields, the machine bounce juggles three small metal balls in a cascade off a drum.  wc.jpg wc2.jpg

Claude's juggling diorama. Before building the W. C. Fields machine, Claude put together this motorized diorama. The balls, rings, and clubs, and clowns hands all moved realistically. The stiff wires that hold props have bent with age, resulting in what looks like a dropped club. diorama.jpg

The Massachusetts Institute of Jugglology. Each scroll represents one of Claude's earned or honorary degrees.  mij.jpg

The Juggling Zoetrope. zoetrope.jpg

Betty Shannon avoiding the camera, followed by a skeleton.  betty.jpg

These are assorted shots of the toy room. Note the juggling clubs, assorted chessboards (Claude wrote the first paper on teaching computers to play chess) and a roulette wheel (Claude invented a system for winning at roulette, based on the average length of time of each spin and on irregularities in the table). One of the photo's on the wall shows Claude on a unicycle. toys1.jpg  toys2.jpg

Here's a link to a photo of   Claude with juggling props (photo by S. Rowin, who did not grant permission to copy it).