My name is Ashley Smith I am a senior in the Woods College of advancing studies and I’m majoring in Corporate Systems. This is the first computer-centered course that I have taken. I did take a course that was completely online, Discovering Computer Graphics, where I used different apps, learned to advertise online and different ways of communicating with people. In high school, I majored in computer graphics, I was proficient in excel, Microsoft word, Photoshop, etc. I also had customers of my own who I created business cards, banners, fliers etc. for. When I was younger I also taught myself very basic coding. While roleplaying and playing other games I had my own pages that I could design myself, very basic things such as graphics, changing text color, adding links are some of what I remember.

My interest in web development is I would hope to someday open my own business and in doing so I would like to create my own website for said business. I enjoy learning how to do things on a computer so I wouldn't want to hire someone to do it for me. I'm the person in the household who is always asked to come fix a problem or explain how to do something on a computer or a tablet.

I think being more educated in using a computer is important, especially now where everything is digital or online. I feel as though anything I learn could and would be helpful sometime in the future. Taking online classes has helped me a lot already and now taking a class that teaches you specifically how things work and how everything is pulled together would just help me so much more. I'd like to learn a little history of the Internet and how it came to be, as well as where it began compared to where it is today.

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