FALL 2012

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Week week of Sections Topics
1 17-Sep  1.1-4  2.1-2  Introduction to differential equations, 1st order linear DEs, Separable equations
2 24-Sep  2.2.6  Exact equations and Int. factors,  Linear vs. Nonlinear 1st order DEs
3 1-Oct  3.1-2  2nd order linear DEs in general, hom. w/constant coef., Wronskian.
4 8-Oct  3.3-5  Complex, Repeated roots of Char. Eqn., Nonhom. Eqn. Undet. Coeff.
5 15-Oct  3.6        M1  Variation of Parameters
6 22-Oct  4.1-3            nth order Linear DEs, Hom. Eqn. w/constant coeff., Undet. Coeff.
7 29-Oct  4.4        Variation of Parameters
8 5-Nov  5.1-2  Power series, Series Solutions (ordinary pt)
9 12-Nov  5.3-4  Series Solutions (ord. pt), Euler Eqns.
10 19-Nov  6.1            M2  Laplace transform.
11 26-Nov  6.2-3    Solns of IVPs, Step functions,
12 3-Dec  6.4, 6  7.1-2  DE with discont. function, Convolutions, Review of linear algebra
13 10-Dec  7.3-6  Systems of 1st order linear DEs
14 17-Dec  7.7          M3  Systems of 1st order linear DEs
15 24-Dec  10.2, 5  Introduction to PDE, Heat equation

Instructors: Tolga Etgü and Barış Coşkunüzer.                                             

Course webpage: 

Syllabus: SyllabusMath204_F12.pdf

Textbook: W. E. Boyce and R. C. DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 9th Edition (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2010)

Evaluation method: There will be 3 midterm exams. The contribution of the midterm and the final exams are as follows: the midterm exams 20% each, and the final exam 40%.

PS Attendance Bonus: The bonus for PS attendance will be 0.5% for each PS attended. 

Make-Up Exams: If a student misses just one midterm exam and has a valid medical report or an excuse accepted by the Dean’s office, his or her score in the final exam will be substituted for the grade of the exams that are missed. If a student misses more than one midterm exams or final exam, and has a valid medical report or an excuse accepted by the Dean’s office,  a make-up exam will be given. Otherwise, a zero will be entered as the grade for the corresponding exams.

Auditing Students: In order to get an AU in this course a student should attend a minimum of 20 lectures. To determine this, the auditing student(s) should contact the instructor at the end of each class and ask to sign a special attendance sheet.

Academic Honesty:  If a student is caught cheating in an exam, (s)he will be punished according to the YÖK regulations. These consist of one or two semesters of prohibition from attending the university.