Bartolomeu Barros



Family Picture -- in from of my house  

About Me

Born in Cape Verde, in the Island of Fogo, way back in the1960's!


Enjoy Oil Painting, Skiing, Boating, and Reading


Definitely in love with Thai food but certainly not more than good ol' Cape Verdean cooking. Red wine is the best! Enjoy classical and new age music, but Cape Verdean music is no doubt the BEST! Cesaria Evora and Enya are two of my favorites. Enjoy listening to Roberto Carlos, Julio Iglesias, Gal Costa, Antonio Jobin, Gipsy Kings.

Where do I spend a good chunck of my time?

I currently work at Boston College as an Applications Engineer. My team is working on some very interesting projects, including FolderWave Financial Aid, a document management system, WebCT, an E-Learning application, and FolderWave Grad Admissions.


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