Ben Kerrigan's Resume!

Ben Kerrigan's Resume

I am a Senior in the Woods School of Advancing Studies.
My concentration is Corporate Systems.
This is a required course for my major.
However, I do have an interest in learning how to code
to help better understand my self hosted wordpress site
Beyond my own site I don’t know if I will go into a field of business
with my role being the person to code. I am sure this class will be a nice
test of the world of code. That being said math is not my strength of mine
so I hope this class is not overly math intensive. I look forward to learning
about the history of the internet’s designers and systems throughout the course.
I find history is a great way to understand and appreciate what we have and use in
the modern day. I did enjoy that first TED Talk on the intercontinental wire that
goes under the ocean that was awesome. I look forward to learning more about these
mysterious behind the curtain functions.