Beth Casey, Ph.D

Boston College

Lynch School of Education



Career History

BETH CASEY, Ph.D., received her masters and doctoral degrees in Developmental Psychology from Brown University. She has been on the faculty in the School of Education at Boston College since 1976, and has been a Full Professor since 1992. She has coordinated the early childhood masters and undergraduate programs as well as coordinating the doctoral program in applied developmental and educational psychology at Boston College. In the 2003-2004 academic year, she was a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Harvard University working in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, Chair of the Cognitive Sciences Program, on a project investigating different types of mental imagery skills and their impact on the solving of geometry problems.

Beth Casey has been Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation Instructional Materials Development Grant for the past six years. Out of this NSF funding, she led a group of faculty, teachers, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students in the development of a supplementary series of story-telling and mathematics books for students Pre-K to Grade 2, entitled, ‘Round the Rug Math: Adventures in Problem Solving. The development team included Dr. Michael Schiro, the Senior Researcher, an expert in mathematics education at Boston College, and Dr. Karen Anderson, the Associate Director, who taught mathematics and science for many years in New York City and is presently coordinator of early childhood education program at Stonehill College.

In this story-telling and mathematics project, Dr. Casey and the other members of the development team worked closely with inner city and suburban teachers to develop and implement the books. The materials in the series have been field-tested in over 50 classrooms.