Anderson, K., Casey, B., & Kerrigan, M. (2002). Froglets do the measuring. Chicago, IL: The Wright Group/ McGraw-Hill.

This description of the book is excerpted from the article written by Casey, B., Kersh, J. E., & Mercer Young, J. (2004). Storytelling sagas: An effective medium for teaching early childhood mathematics. Early Childhood Research Quarterly: Special Issue on Mathematics and Science, 19, 167-172.


"In Froglets Do the Measuring, Coqui, the Frog from the Puerto Rican rainforest, is the puppet storyteller. He proudly tells how his little sister helps the older frogs in the rainforest figure out how to equitably measure length to determine the winners in their yearly frog fiesta contests, thus showing how measurement skills can solve problems in our everyday lives (i.e. sports and contests). The new NCTM Pre-K-2 focus for measurement recommends a increased emphasis on the process of measurement. The goal of this book, designed for the grades 1-2, is to introduce the complex methodology and rules for measurement within the simple context of
estimation and measurement of length.

It is also designed to help children make the transition between nonstandard and standard units of measure."

Comments from the classroom:

"In my class, some of the children noticed that three froglets equaled one croaker. Therefore, instead of marking off the number of froglets, they took the number of croakers and calculated the number of froglets just by counting by threes."




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