Brad Harrington

In the Media:

Television and Radio

  • Brad Harrington spoke about the Changing role of dads on Fox 25's Work-Life Wednesday segment. (June 13, 2012).
  • Fox 25 News invited Brad to comment on Managing your career on their Work-Life Wednesday segment. (January 11, 2012).
  • The Time Magazine cover story "Chore Wars" highlights data that says men are doing more paid work and women are doing more unpaid work - but at the end of the day, they've put in around the same number of hours. Brad Harrington and NYU Professor of Sociology Kathleen Gerson, author of The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work and Family, were expert commentators on Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning show with host Kerry Miller. (August 10, 2011).
  • Chore Wars: Brad Harrington was interviewed on Fox 25 News during Work-Life Wednesdays to discuss the data used in Time Magazine's "Chore Wars." (August 10, 2011).

  • Brad Harrington shared the results of The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted, the Center for Work & Family’s latest quantitative study on the status of fathers in America on CNN American Morning. (June 30, 2011).

Print Media

  • Brad Harrington's study, The New Dad: Right at Home, is cited in a Miami Herald article about a stay-at-home dad. (June 16, 2012).
  • Brad Harrington is quoted in a Time Healthland article about the pride that stay-at-home dads have in what they do. (June 15, 2012).
  • The Daddy Track: In this Huffington Post article, Brad Harrington is quoted on the position of the modern father in society. (June 12, 2012).
  • In the Balance: Brad Harrington joins the discussion on work-family balance in this New York Life article. (May 30, 2012).
  • Brad Harrington is quoted in Time Magazine's cover story Chore Wars. (August 8, 2011).

  • An in-depth interview with Brad Harrington on The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted was published in the The New York Post. (June 27, 2011).

Columns, Op-Eds, and Blogs

  • What Are Fathers For? Dr. Harrington took part in the New York Times' discussion of the function of fathers in the family. (June 3, 2013).

  • Let Your Life Speak: Dr. Harrington wrote this column for the Huffington Post on knowing yourself and finding internal sources of fulfillment. (May 21, 2013).

  • The Boston Marathon: Clinging to a Lifelong Love: Brad Harrington wrote this reflection piece for the Huffington Post on the Boston Marathon bombing. (April 16, 2013).

  • Live YOUR Life: Dr. Harrington wrote about finding and following your life's calling in this Huffington Post column. (April 4, 2013).

  • Searching for Stability in Changing Times: Dr. Harrington wrote this opinion piece for the Huffington Post on the rapidly changing world and the decision of the Yahoo! CEO to end working-from-home arrangements in the company. (March 4, 2013).

  • Front-lines and Sidelines: Time to Let Go of Gender Stereotypes: Brad Harrington wrote this piece for the Huffington Post on women in the military and the portrayal of men in advertisements. (January 28, 2013).

  • Dickens' Enduring Lessons: Brad Harrington wrote this column for the Huffington Post on the lessons that can be taken for Dickens' A Christmas Carol. (November 30, 2012).

  • The Masculine Critique: Brad Harrington wrote this column for the Huffington Post on the rise of a new version of masculinity. (October 8, 2012).

  • Having It All: The Last Word: Dr. Harrington wrote about redefining our ideas of success and "having it all" in this Huffington Post piece. (August 17, 2012).


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