Boston College       Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

RL003   Elementary Italian I.       Fall 2005


Section ____     Instructor's name ________________

Instructors telephone ________    Office hours _____________

Coordinator:  Brian O'Connor,    Lyons 303a      552-4242


Course description:  The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to Italian language and culture.  In the first semester students will learn the Italian sound system and the rudiments of vocabulary and grammar necessary for basic communication. The approach is communicative, meaning that while memorization and mechanical practice is required, the greater part of class time will be dedicated to practicing acquired knowledge in a conversational and contextualized atmosphere.


Texts:             Oggi in Italia 7th ed.  by Merlonghi, Tursi and O'Connor

Workbook/Lab Manual for Oggi in Italia


An Italian-English dictionary will not be essential in this semester, but will be required in later courses. The B.C. Bookstore carries the Cambridge Italian Dictionary.


Grading:        Tests (4 @ 75 points)                          300 points

                        Comprehensive Final Exam                 200 points

                        Oral exercise                                       50 points

                        Quizzes                                               80 points

Homework                                          120 points

                        Participation/Preparation                     250 points

                        Total                                                    1000 points


Absences:  In order to participate and practice the skills you are acquiring you must be in class each day. The department considers more than three absences to be excessive. All subsequent absences, unless officially excused by the Dean's office, will reflect negatively in the participation component of the grade.


Final exam: This course has a departmental final exam that will be given on Saturday, December 17 at 4:00 p.m.  Please note that this date is different from that indicated in the CORRS listing.


Website: The address for the website for the course is Here you will find the course syllabus as well as assignments, announcements, and other useful information.


Language Laboratory: The listening materials that are a part of the workbook assignments for Oggi in Italia are available to registered students through the Language Lab or on-line. All online audio programs may be accessed via the WebCT-authenticated course management system 24 hours/day, 7 days/week from any computer connected to the Boston College Network at



A note to the student:  This course is taught with a communicative approach. We will try to use class time primarily for practice and communication in Italian. In order to avoid wasting class time on explanations of structures and going over vocabulary lists, we count on you to learn on your own. Regular assignments will be given and you will be expected to complete the assignments by the required date. When you are in class, your preparation will pay off. You will be ready to speak and participate in a wide variety of practice activities. Don't be intimidated to speak in class: you are among friends. A component of the final grade is based on an evaluation of your participation, but this grade is on effort as well as accuracy. Some other suggestions for success in learning Italian:

            - always go to class prepared; review items to be covered just before class.

            - organize regular study group sessions with friends in the class

            - arrange to see your instructor during his/her office hours or make an appointment with the course coordinator

            - free tutoring is available through the ADC. Call 552-0611

            - a computer study module for Oggi in Italia is available in the language lab. This is an excellent way of reviewing for tests. There is also a student web site for the book with many helpful materials, including self-tests. The site is:

            - take advantage of the language lab. Besides materials for Oggi, the lab has many audio and visual materials for further reinforcement.



Course Program


Wed.   9/7                   Introduction to the course

Fri.      9/9                   Lezione preliminare


Mon.   9/12                 Lezione preliminare

Wed.   9/14                 Lezione 1; (Workbook and Lab due for lezione preliminare)

Fri.      9/16                 Lezione 1


Mon.   9/19                 Lezione 1

Wed.   9/21                 Angolo della cultura; Workbook and Lab due for lezione 1

Fri.      9/23                 Lezione 2


Mon.   9/26                 Lezione 2

Wed.   9/28                 Lezione 2; Workbook and Lab due for lezione 2

Fri.      9/30                 Test on lezione preliminare and lezioni 1 & 2


Mon.   10/3                 Lezione 3

Wed.   10/5                 Lezione 3

Fri.      10/7                 Lezione 3


Mon.   10/10               Columbus Day: no classes

Wed.   10/12               Lezione 4; Workbook and Lab due for lezione 3

Fri.      10/14               Lezione 4


Mon.   10/17               Lezione 4: Workbook and lab due for Lezione 4

Wed.   10/19               ; Test on Lezz. 3 and 4

Fri.      10/21               Angolo della cultura


Mon.   10/24               Lezione 5

Wed.   10/26               Lezione 5

Fri.      10/28               Lezione 5


Mon.   10/31               Angolo della cultura (Workbook and Lab due for lezione 5)

Wed.   11/2                 Oral exercise

Fri.      11/4                 Lezione 6


Mon.   11/7                 Lezione 6

Wed.   11/9                 Lezione 6

Fri.      11/11               Lezione 6; Workbook and Lab due for lezione 6     


Mon.   11/14               Test on lezioni 5 & 6

Wed.   11/16               Lezione 7

Fri.      11/18               Lezione 7


Mon.   11/21               Angolo della cultura; Worbook and Lab lez. 7

Wed.   11/23               Thanksgiving Break

Fri.      11/25               No Classes


Mon.   11/28               Lezione 7

Wed.   11/30               Lezione 8

Fri.      12/2                 Lezione 8


Mon.   12/5                 Lezione 8; Workbook and Lab due for lezione 8

Wed,    12/7                 Test on lezioni 7 & 8

Fri.      12/9                 Review for Final Exam


Sat.      12/17               Final Exam (4:00)