5 Week Intermediate Italian summer program in Parma, Italy


Continue your study of Italian and complete your requirement in a program designed to provide maximum cultural and language immersion and exciting cultural opportunities in one of Italy's lesser-known jewels.


The city of Parma: Unspoiled by rampant tourism or foreign presence, Parma is an elegant and intellectually vibrant cosmopolitan city of about 180,000 inhabitants. The city is located in the Po Valley of Northern Italy and offers a rich artistic and musical heritage in its museums and churches, with works by Correggio, Parmigianino and others, and music by natives Verdi and Paganini in its many musical theaters. Parma is also renowned for its rich culinary history and is responsible for such delicacies as Parmesan cheese and prosciutto di Parma. Students will enjoy numerous opportunities to explore festivals, museums, galleries, castles, gardens, markets, theaters, restaurants and more. At the same time, Parma's convenient location offers easy access to other Italian cities and to destinations all over Europe.


The language course: The language course is an intensive five-week course equivalent to Intermediate Italian I and II at Boston College, and fulfills the A&S foreign language proficiency requirement. Classes will be taught by native speakers at the conveniently located Collegio Europeo, in cooperation with a staff member from the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at BC. Students will meet for morning classes for a total of 18 hours per week: Fridays will be free for trips to other Italian cities.


Schedule and program (approximate): The class will meet 9:00 to 1:30 Mondays, through Thursday. Fridays are for day trips.


Week 1: Art History in Parma

-Welcome dinner on Sunday night.

-Monday: Orientation to become familiar with the city of Parma.

-Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon: guided visits of museums, churches and monuments with a focus on the famous early medieval sculptor Antelami, the Renaissance painter Correggio and the Mannerist Parmigianino.

-Friday: daytrip to Florence. Guided visit to the cathedral, the Uffizi museum, the Giotto tower for the breathtaking view, piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio.


Week 2:  Music in Parma

-       Tuesday afternoon: visit to the "Casa di Toscanini" and "Casa della Musica" with its  museum, concert hall,  library and media center.

-       -Friday morning: day trip  to the Giuseppe Verdi birthplace in the Parma region: the house where he was born, the village where he grew up and the magnificent Villa-museum where he spent the last years of his life. Possible visit to see an opera.


 Week 3:  Parma as the "Food Valley"

-Tuesday afternoon: visit to the museum of Parmesan cheese and the museum of Prosciutto with tastings.

-Friday morning: visit to the Cardinali vineyard located in the green hills of the magnificent medieval village Castell'Arquato, to learn about wines. Wine tasting included.

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 5.0Week 4: Castles in the Parma region

-Tuesday afternoon: visit to the medieval castle of Fontanellato, well known to Art Historians for its rooms frescoed by Parmigianino, and the Torrechiara castle in the Parma region hills, one of the best preserved Renaissance castles of Italy.

-Friday: daytrip to Venice. Guided visit to Piazza San Marco, San Marco church, Grand Canal and Accademia museum.



Week 5: Natural resources in the Parma region

-Tuesday afternoon: guided visit to the "Boschi di Carrega" natural park, to observe deer and other animals and admire the various centuries-old trees. Possibility of horseback riding. 

-Friday: daytrip to Cinqueterre, a wonderful sea resort in Liguria.

-Saturday: Farewell dinner in a typical Parma restaurant.



Additional activities: The program includes regular guided visits to some of the most interesting and important sites in the city and the surrounding area, and weekly trips to cities such as Venice, Florence, and Cinqueterre. BC students in Parma will also participate in the "Tandem" project in which they will get an opportunity to interact with students at the University of Parma. An optional service component allows students to get involved in community service in one of several associations aiding children, seniors or immigrants.


Lodging and food: Pairs of students will be housed with families in the city of Parma  so that students are exposed as much as possible to Italian language everyday life in Italy. Students will have breakfast and dinner with their families but will be responsible for their own meals mid-day or while traveling.


Extras: Students will have the option of joining a state-of the-art local gym, or the city's large public swimming pool. All will have access to Internet facilities through the Collegio Europeo or a central Internet Café.


Dates:  May 21-June 25


Estimated Cost of Program: $4900


For more information contact Brian O'Connor at oconnobc@bc.edu

For application information see: http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/acavp/inprg/int_summer.htm